What Causes Cancer & It's Prevention

What causes cancer & it’s prevention?

That has been one of the questions resulting in billions being spent on research. Scientists around the world have in the past, & still do spend lifetimes searching for causes & then a chemical that will destroy the resulting cell complex called a cancer.

Here you will find an outline of the major factors contributing to creating this disease. Cancer causes are generally well known, they do however often combine to create complex biological systems making it difficult to treat once it has taken hold within the body. This is also a reason why we get so many reports from the “latest research” highlighting yet another product that causes cancer. It is fairly easy to create a significant link between one factor & cancer.

Prevention of cancer is & always will be much easier & more effective than having to create a cure.

The major well known contributors to cancers are listed below being split into three sections:

* The factors we have control over as individuals

* The factors we have some control over

* The factor s we have little or no control over