Testing for Bowel Cancer

Testing for Bowel Cancer can start before you have any signs or symptoms simply by participating in a screening program or paying privately for tests.

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Screening :

Testing for bowel cancer by screening in the United Kingdom can start for people aged between 50 to 74 in Scotland or 60 to 69 years in the rest of the UK. Many professionals in the field believe it should be reduced to start at age 50 for the UK as a whole. For more information go to your local area web site shown below.

“Why not send a letter to your MP asking for the screening age to be moved to 50”

Scotland: www.bowelscreening.scotnhs.uk

Wales: www.wales.nhs.uk/bsw

England: www.cancerscreening.nhs.uk

Ireland: www.cancerscreening.ie




Testing for bowel cancer by screening is usually carried out by taking a faecal sample and testing for unseen blood in the stools. The test is called a Faecal Occult Blood Testing (FOB)

Private screening in the UK can be obtained economically by contacting POCL http://www.pocl.co.uk

Health Check Questionnaire :

Harvard Center for Cancer Prevention has created a health check questionnaire for cancer prevention for more details go to:http://www. yoursiseaserisk. wustl. ed u/hccpq u iz. pl?lu nq=enq I ish &func== home&quiz =stomach

Bowel Investigation:

Rigid sigmoidoscopy: This is a visual examination using a short scope accessing the body via the anus.

Flexible sigmoidoscopy: Visual examination with a scope that penetrates the bowel by about 60cms. Access via the anus.

Colonoscopy: Long tube which accesses the colon via the anus. A colonoscopy is able to provide photographic evidence and take biopsy for later examinations.

Endoscopy: Similar to a colonoscopy but accesses the body throught the mouth to examine the throat, stomach and small bowel.

Barium Enema: This is a special type of x-ray. The patient is required to evacuate the system by not eating for a certain number of hours before; this is followed by an enema. A liquid substance called barium meal is then consumed which enables the x-ray equipment to photograph within the body.

A Vega check can be obtained privately which will test for Helicobacter pylori, bacteria which are known to cause stomach ulcers and cancers. This is easily treated using bismuth (Bisodol), wormwood and goldenseal.

For more details email me asking for: VEGA check and Bacteria/Parasite control process

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