Staying Quit

Staying Quit from smoking can be a combination of being sensible with the activities & places you visit at specific times, ensuring that you continue to support your belief systems & commitment to the process, being ready to seek help before you really need it to refresh previous processes or to enhance what has already been done with additional processes.

It is very useful both to yourself & your therapist to keep a journal. Keep a note of any specific time or periods when it gets difficult for you to maintain you resolve. Put as much detail into these notes as possible including things like your location, time of day, activities, what where you thinking, who were you with, how were you feeling. Try to cover every aspect of your mind body system & your environment. A link between difficult times often exists & shows itself either to you or a therapist as an objective observer. He is after all trained to look for these issues & often senses the underlying problem.

Check with your therapist to install stronger anchors or more anchors for specific periods. An anchor can get you over these periods time & time again & the more you use them the stronger they get.

Remember that it is a process that you are committed to and down periods are after all part of the process. If you let them pass & concentrate on the free healthier times they will move on faster. The more you focus on a problem the bigger it gets. If you still struggle talk to your supporters & do it immediately. A problem shared is a problem halved.

Never ever give up giving up. The good times are sooner than you think!