Herbs for Cancer Prevention

Herbs for Cancer Prevention:

Herbs have been used in the treatment of cancer for many, many years and the constituent chemicals of plants have for a long time been the starting point for research and the creation of modern medicines.

There are some 1400 genera of plants with history of use in the treatment of cancer.

Using herbs for cancer prevention and treatment is by no means a novel, modern or alternative practice.

Here we tell you which herbs and herb mixtures have been used extensively and have shown beneficial results. Some are directed towards the prevention of cancer and others more towards treatment.


Herbs provide the greatest benefit for treatment when they are combined within a holistic approach that considers the whole mind body system. One generic approach is as follows:

1. Improve the immune system to help destroy the tumour. (Herbal immune-stimulants, diet, nutrition and exercise). Surgically remove tumour. Radiation, Chemotherapy and cytotoxic herbs may be used but are often counter productive to the immune system.

2. Provide additional support in the form of tonics, and other support for normal body function.

3. Identify and formulate a diet plan concentrating on anti-cancer foods and high nutritional value meals.

4. Incorporate bodywork such as massage for stress relief and an exercise program.

5. Introduce in depth counselling for support and also evaluation of possible causative factors. The last is very important to help prevent recurrence.

With this in mind the following herbal approach may be considered:

a) Begin with a tonic therapy to strengthen the constitution and vitality. Use tonics adaptogens and herbal immune enhancers.

b) Carry out a Liver and Lymph detox using anti-oxidants, liver detoxifying herbs, anti-inflammatory, anti angiogenic, alteratives and lymphatic herbs.

c) Use cytotoxic therapy with gene repairing, enzyme inhibiting and cytotoxic herbs. Also use herbs that can alter the action of hormonal receptor type cancers.

Herbal solutions should be evaluated for each specific individual as each type of cancer and the person's responses and reactions will point to the types of herb to use at that specific point in time. The stage at which a person is at with the disease and treatment being applied will also have a bearing on the herbs selected.

Specific Remedies:

The specific remedies mentioned below have shown and or have been reported to provide benefit over many years in the treatment of cancers. They should not be considered as wonder treatments as often depicted on the internet, however they should not be totally discounted either.


There are many herbs that have been identified as anti-cancer and these are often best included as part of a meal and diet program.

Herbs are often used as part of a detox and cleans regime.

The herb list below is by no means extensive and should be considered as a starting point for various purposes in the treatment and prevention of cancer.

You should do your own research into the herbs for cancer prevention and treatment and seek specailist guidance.

For prevention of cancer, general detoxing and cleansing, and the use of herbs in foods, a less strict approach can be applied. Always use your own intuition and common sense.

Herb Mixtures

Cassie Tea

Noni Juice


Aloe - Click here for more...

Goldenseal - Hydrastis canadensis - Click here for more...

Wormwood - Click here for more

Herb for Cancer Prevention

Burdock, Arctium lappa

Calendula, Calendula officinalis

Cleavers, Galium aparine

Blue Flag, Iris versicolor

Chaparral, Larrea tridentata

Poke, Phytolacca americana

Yellow Dock, Rumex crispus

Bloodroot, Sanguinaria canadensis

Figwort, Scrophularia nodosa

Queens Delight, Stillingia sylvatica

Thuja, Thuja accidentalis

Red Clover, Trifolium Pratense

Nettle, Urtica dioica

Sweet Violet, Viola adorata

Mistletoe, Viscum album

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