Cancer can almost totally be eliminated from the world population!

Cancer Onset Statistics state:

One in Three

People will contract some form of cancer in their lifetime and the trend is heading towards

One in Two

Don't let it happen! Help us stop the rot today!...

With your help

Cancer can almost totally be eliminated from the world population!

This belief is based on three simple facts:

1. Most causes of cancer are known & proven.

2. Elimination of the causes will therefore prevent or at the very least significantly reduce your risk to contracting cancer.

3. There is a mechanism that has been around for thousands of years that will ensure everyone will know what corrective action to take.

The mechanism that is making this happen needs your input. It's simple and very, very effective.

Let's look at an example: I know you may not be religious but this is one area in life that has used this mechanism with great success and therefore is a great example which most people will be familiar with.

Another more up to date example is the Yahoo phenomena. Yahoo provided a free email service, the only thing you had to accept was that your email told people about yahoo's free email service. Without thinking about it each user helped yahoo reach 1000000's of people very, very quickly.

The mechanism is based on a simple mathematical law, that of exponential growth. This is in fact the phenomenal part of the process which is enabling us to connect with everyone around the world quickly.

If we get back to the example of most religions there are just a few simple components. These are:

a) An originator of the proposed beliefs, teachings, doctrine, laws etc.

b) A set of words that are used as a reference guide so that the message stays the same for everyone. (eg The Bible, The Koran etc).

c) A large number of people who feel a connection with the teachings & who actively follow the guidelines to create a better life for themselves & their family. (That includes most of us, Moslems, Christians, and Catholics etc)

d) A smaller number of people who become passionate about the philosophies & knowledge & desire to do more. They go out and spread the word. (eg disciples, preachers, heads of churches etc)

Here is how the mechanism is put into practice, how it works & most amazingly the math showing how & why it works so well.

Step 1: A set of beliefs or rules are created. These may be written or simply a single person's evaluated convictions & beliefs. (eg Buddha, Christ)

Step 2: That one person starts telling others about his beliefs & or convictions.

Step 3: Some people feel a connection to what is said, take on board the teachings & actively practice the advice etc. They become members of the community.

Step 4: A few people get passionate about the whole philosophy & do more. They learn more so that they too can go out & inform others. They copy the actions of the originator to the best of their abilities. (eg twelve disciples)

As an aside: As time progresses the original teachings may be updated with latest developments, individual interpretations or translations of the text. At this point it is usually documented in written form. First to make life easier but secondly to ensure the message stays the same. (eg Bible, Lao Tzu's Tao Te Ching etc)

Step 5: Larger numbers of people join the community now because there are more members teaching.

Step 6: Larger numbers get passionate & do more. They learn more & train so that they too can go out & inform others. They copy the actions of the originator to the best of their abilities. (Preachers, Missionaries, Heads of churches etc)

Step 7: Masses of people are now hearing the information, becoming members & actively participating.

Step 8: Masses of people are getting passionate & doing more. More formal training may be available, schools colleges devoted to the doctrine. Thousands are now teaching.

All steps get repeated.

It's now world wide.

The actions are impacting lives.

Saving Lives

Each activity and component is simply translated for The Cancer Prevention Campaign™

This mechanism is working to change cancer onset statistics & this is how you can help.

Step 1: First simply join the Cancer Prevention Campaign™ read our book "The Cancer Prevention Guide™", & begin practicing some of the simple cancer prevention activities. It’s all free.

Registering as a Cancer Prevention Campaign member will cost you nothing but connects you with friendly, like minded people & provides you with more up to date information as it happens.

Step 2: Tell a friend or a dozen. Simply copy & paste this page to friends & family or set up an email message on your template. We will show you how.

Want to do more?

Step 3: By doing more you can be pro-active in reaching 1000's perhaps 100000's of people world wide.

You will help save many, many lives.

You could help increase cancer research funds

You will make lots of friends

You can become an elite member of our community

You will gain many other benefits if you choose to take them, but I can't go into them all here.

Here is how & why the mechanism is working & providing exponential growth:

Step 1: Our web site, myself & the documents supplied form the focal point for the whole process.

Step 2: We are actively informing 100's of people just like you today of the methods to reduce your risks to cancer

Step 3: Each month the "Level 1" membership grows, & more members are actively practicing cancer prevention in their lives.

Step 4: Each month the "Elite Level 2" membership grows & these members are making this Cancer Prevention Campaign™ the phenomena it is, and it’s growing exponentially.

Cancer Prevention is happening today!

Thanks to people like you cancer onset statistics are in danger of reversing very soon.

Here is how the math stacks up.

Number of Elite Level 2 Members

1 Year 1; We exist

12 Year 2; We have 12 enthusiastic Elite Level 2 members.

144 Year 3; Each level 2 member found 1 members each month.

1728 Year 4; Notice now the exponential growth kicks in each year

207356 Year 5;

248832 Year 6;

2985984 Year 7;

35831808 Year 8;

429981696 Year 9;

5159780352 Year 10; Five thousand one hundred & fifty nine million

As you can see the mechanism can work very well. That's how most religions became known so fast.

Also bear in mind that it costs nobody anything to do or to participate. In fact it could save you money.

Let me say that again:

"It costs nobody anything to do or to participate. In fact it could save you money."

And finally remember these are just the Elite Level 2 members who wanted to do more. Imagine what the figure is for level 1 members actively taking cancer prevention seriously on a daily basis.

Cancer can almost totally be eliminated from the world population!

With your help!

Why not join us & make the difference.

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