Causes of Bowel Cancer

Causes of bowel cancer: Cancers of the digestive system have a number of known possible causes most of which can point to active intervention resulting in prevention.

When you read the following text, regarding causes of bowel cancer hold in your mind the idea that you could significantly reduce your risk, and your families risk to contracting a cancer if you simply took some small simple actions.

There is a natural bonus too. If you take action to prevent a cancer you will also reduce your risks of heart disease, diabetes and other major killer diseases. You will almost certainly live longer, be healthier and fitter and suffer less and look younger. It’s simply a win - win. Genetic:

Genetics can predispose a person to causes of bowel cancer. This does not however mean a person will definitely contract such a cancer.

If you have a close relative under the age of 45, or one very closely related in the family who suffered with bowel cancer, it is worth having a word with your doctor to find out about screening in your area.

It is also recommended that you join the Cancer Prevention Campaign™. This will provide you with ongoing support and guidance which will enable you to significantly reduce your risks and elimanate causes of bowel cancer. Do it know and please don’t forget to come back it will only take a couple of minutes.

A genetic link does not mean you will contract a cancer, it just means you may have a pre-disposition if you have the associated gene.

Familial Adenomatous Polyposis (FAP), Hereditary Non Polyposis Colorectal Cancer (HNPCC) are linked to mutation in certain genes. Germline mutations in genes MLH1, MSH2, PMS1 and PMS2 are responsible for FAP. FAP also occurs in people with no genetic history. Ulcerative Colitis:

A continuous sufferer of ulcerative colitis has a 30% increased risk of developing bowel cancer. For treatment and or prevention see the prevention and Treatment pages in this section. "Types of cancer, Digestive System". Ulcerative Colitis is known to be associated with causes of bowel cancer.


Diet is a major factor to causes of bowel cancer. High consumption of fatty foods, meats, processed foods containing high levels of refined sugar and salts together with chemicals which would otherwise never enter the body are all linked to digestive problems and cancers.

Poor mastication and too much food eaten at once together with poorly combined food types all add stress to the system and result in foods not being broken down and passing through the system in an inappropriate rotting form.

A good diet will not only result in less direct cancers in the bowel but will tend to create a more alkali body system as a whole resulting in reduced risks to cancers of any type. As cancers cannot survive in an alkali environment but thrive in a acid one it makes sense to eat in a manner which moves the body toward an alkali balance.

The Cancer Prevention Campaign™ provides help and assistance in finding the right diet for you. Why not join now if you have not already done so. It costs nothing and the benefits are huge. If you like you can even help us save many lives around the world. Click the link below now... A good diet will promote the existence and maintenance of good bacteria within the bowel. There are some 800 strains. They promote the immune system, improve digestion, help synthesise nutrients, and eliminate toxins. In addition to that they protect against microbes, bad bacteria and other invaders harmful to the system. The elimination of good bacteria is considered to be one of the causes of bowel cancer, replacing and maintaing a healthy gut is imperative.

A good source of bacteria supplements will contain 2.88 billion viable cells per capsule and can be obtained from a Advanced Pro-Biotic formulae. For details send me an email

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Too much alcohol on a regular basis is known to have links with cancers of the tongue, oesophagus and stomach and as such is considered one of the causes of bowel cancer.

When we think about alcohol we usually think drink. Have you ever though about your mouthwash? Some brands contain alcohol which may also be linked to cancers of the mouth tongue and oesophagus.

A non alcoholic option can be found here. It is what I use daily and have done for many years. Simply send email for details stating mouthwash info.


Regular exercise has been found in research to reduce risk to bowel cancer by up to 50 %


Smoking what can you say. Smoking is the number one killer of cancers. Although it is usually associated to lung cancer there are many research studies to link smoking to cancers of the digestive system starting at the mouth and tongue working down.Smoking causes 30% of all cancer deaths and is directly related to at least 8 types of cancer.

Night Shift Work

Recently the news has stated that night shift and other shift work causes a number of cancers. This is not surprising as a number of factors will aggravate & upset the workings of the stomach including:

1.Imbalance of chemicals: our bodies need light to produce a host of chemicals to maintain good health.

2.Lack of sleep.

3.Eating at the wrong times of day, going to sleep on a full stomach, leading to poor digestion. Grabbing something quick syndrome.

4.General stress

Long term night shift work should be avoided at all costs.

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