Cancer Cause We Have Little Or No Control Over

* Heredity / Family as a cancer cause: This is an area which I personally have a problem with. Having a pre-disposition may be a cause of cancer , however being an optimist in the health field I believe that we can have a genetic pre-disposition to contracting certain conditions including some types of cancer but never contract the condition. If you take care of yourself & follow our cancer prevention methods there is no reason why you should not live a full & healthy life.

I believe that the heredity & aging title is banded around too freely, often because the person using it just doesn’t have a solution or cure in there medicine chest. If we continue to tell people that cancer is likely because it’s hereditary then we are simply placing the thought within the mind. We should all know by know that this simple act in itself can create the very outcome predicted especially when stated by a person of authority such as a medical consultant. It is a self fulfilling prophecy. How will we ever know if it is true heredity or just simply the mind acting upon the command?

* Viruses:

* Power Lines:

It’s a pretty daunting list, but can you see the great news here. Most of the cancer cause are under your control, or are in areas of your life that you have some influence over. All you have to do is take action.

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