Cancer Causes We Have Control Over

The cancer causes we have control over are listed below:

* Smoking: (If you smoke stop, If you don’t never ever be tempted & do limit your exposure to cigarette smoke) If you go to our stop smoking pages at you will find all the advice & support you need to becoming free.

There are many things we can do to prevent cancer & one of the main causes of death due to cancer is still smoking tobacco. If you smoke there is plenty of good news out there for you & here at we have a whole wrath of information to help you become free from the habit & addiction.

We cover all aspects from the initial stages of considering a life of healthier options, through the act of stopping & staying stopped. We help support you all the way until you can honestly say I’m a non smoker & will never ever smoke again. You will have eliminated one of the major cancer causes known to man.

As an ex smoker I know what it is like trying to become free & as a Clinical Hypnotherapist I know how difficult it is to help other people achieve the same degree of freedom I now possess myself.

I also learned a long time ago that no one method or technique is suitable for all & as a result I have researched & trialed many methods finally coming to the conclusion that the most effective & successful solution is to provide guidance that enables anyone to select the processes that suit them most. I have also found that a combination of methods work best every time.

The one ingredient that you need is first a willingness to learn to have total belief. Not everyone will have that level of belief to begin with in fact most of you will not have the belief structure necessary at the beginning. This is one of the main reasons so many people stop giving up & get so despondent. I get the belief in you first & recommend that you do not move on to the first phase of cutting out smoking until that belief is achieved at a reasonable level. Cancer causes many awful ailments and lung cancer is just one.

If you want to become free from tobacco follow the smoking pages in & I will help guide & support you. If you want advice about specific stategies, send an email to

* Nutrition & Diet : Our diet has a significant impact on our risk to contracting cancer. Inappropriate diet, contamination with insecticides, pesticides & bacteria, to simply eating poor quality foods, these can all be causes of cancer. Our bodies can only fight cancers if it has the tools, the ammunition, and the nutrients with which to do it. See our “anti cancer diet” page for help, support & recipes.

We obviously require a good well balanced diet. If you can move towards a higher vegetable content in your diet, & less fatty meats you will improve the acid alkali balance. Cancer causes can be reduced by careful diet selection.

Here is a list of super foods you should try to include in your diet to help prevent cancer:

Garlic, Cabbages, Liquorice, Ginger, soy carrots,

Celery, parsnips, onions, green tea, turmeric,

Citrus, whole wheat, flax seed, brown rice,

Tomato, egg plant, peppers, broccoli,

Cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, oats,

Mint, oregano, cucumber, rosemary,

Sage, potato, thyme, chives,

Cantaloupe, basil,

Tarragon, barley,


Is our food safe to eat?

Every few months the news brings out yet more condemning facts about the levels of toxins contained within the food we eat.

“The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine” stated the following:

* 80% of all cancers are due to identified factors, and thus are potentially preventable. Thirty percent are due to tobacco use, and as much as 35 to 50% are due to foods. It is easy to control these cancer causes and other risk factors.

* Carcinogens are substances that promote the development of cancerous cells. They may come from foods, from the air, or even from within the body.

* Some vitamins in plant foods are known to be inhibitors. Fiber helps prevent cancer. Fewer cases of colon cancer are found where high fiber diets are the norm. Cancer causes can be reduced if we all consider our diet.

* Animal products contain no fiber. Western nations whose diets are based upon animal products have the highest rates of colon cancer.

* Fiber is also protective against other forms of cancer. Studies have shown that stomach cancer and breast cancer are less common on high fiber diets.

* The best sources of fiber are whole grains, beans, peas, lentils, vegetables, and fruits. Foods that are closest to there natural state, unrefined and unpeeled are highest in fiber.

* One study noted a 200% increase in breast cancer among those who consume beef or pork five to six times per week. Dr Sheilla Bingham a prominent cancer researcher from Cambridge University, notes that meat is more closely associated with colon cancer than any other factor. Meat & Milk are also linked to prostate and ovarian cancers. Iliminatinting these cancer causes or at least reducing their consumption is easy, so why not start today. Join our Cancer Prevention Campaign for help or to help others.

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* Is Supplementation Necessary?

If we look at supplementation on various levels we may be able to make an informed decision as to our requirements. Supplements can be categorized as Vitamins, Minerals, Trace Elements, & special plants related to health purposes or issues.

Vitamins are found in all foods in varying quantities & mixtures. A well balanced diet will supply a reasonable amount of vitamins. Organic foods have been compared to non organic & have been found to contain greater amounts of vitamins, but the differences are not considered significant. Organic foods are recommended for both the additional trace elements that are present but more importantly what is not in or on them, (Toxins & pesticide residues that may contribute to cancer causes). The average western diet however is generally considered to be deficient in vitamins; even the person having a well balanced diet may be deficient if they eat more than one fast food per week. Supplementing with a multi vitamin is a good idea even if a well balanced diet is maintained. Small excesses of vitamins will do no harm & will normally not be used by the body.

Minerals are essential to the maintenance of a healthy body. The minerals in our soils were depleted many years ago & subsequently our foods, including organic foods are deficient. Mineral supplementation in my view is essential. Cancer may be caused if the basic building blocks of the body are not present.

Trace Elements are found in most foods & the importance of these is not yet fully known. It is thought among many circles that the trace elements are what make the difference between a natural product & a man made product. It is why man has so much difficulty in reproducing the beneficial effects of many natural plants. This is why a well balanced diet is essential & simply supplementing will not make up for a bad diet. In short you must eat well. Supplements should also be produced from organic sources & not the synthetic equivalent.

Vitamins & Minerals can be obtained from organic sources and these are most beneficial for the human body. They tend to be more expensive. Synthetic vitamins should be avoided. There are some thoughts that synthetic vitamins may not be beneficial to the human body & in some cases may even be detrimental. Minerals from organic compounds are more bio absorbed within the body where as minerals simply extracted from solids are less bio absorbed. Look for a colloidal liquid form.

Special cases exist for certain plants, fruits herbs or vitamin combinations. I will only cite two cases here that have shown over the years to be beneficial towards cancer prevention or treatment. Cancer causes may also be minimized by their use.

Cassie Tea is an herb mixture that was first prescribed by a woman in Canada. The mixture is believed to have been derived from the Indian indigenous people of North America & Canada. The mixture became very well known based on its success. It has been suggested that it is successful for treating among other things many cancers.

Noni Juice is a fruit produced from a shrub called Morinda Citrifolia, it is grown in many countries but mainly being produced in the equatorial islands like Tahiti & Hawaii. The Noni juice from Hawaii is grown on volcanic lava beds & or soils enriched with volcanic dust. It is believed that many beneficial effects are attributed to both the content of the fruit & the content of the soils it is grown on. Scientific research has shown that Noni can increase the immune system & inhibit cancer growth.

For more information & a supply of Cassie Tea or Noni Juice e mail me at

* Toxins : These can enter our body from the air we breathe, the food & water we drink & from the substances our skin comes into contact with. Did you know your skin is a living breathing organ? You can reduce your exposure by first looking at the toiletries & cosmetics you use. Many of these OTC items contain some pretty nasty chemicals. Next look at the cleaning products & other household substances. Make your house a toxic free zone and eliminate more cancer causes.

Many people do not realize how many ways there are for chemicals to enter the body. The most obvious method is in the food we eat, the liquids we drink & the air we breathe. There is however another way few ever consider. A substantial number of chemicals are also introduced through the skin, by both the air that surrounds us & the chemicals we apply to our bodies. We will discuss ingestion from food & drink separately to those chemicals entering the body as a result of using personal care & household cleaning products.

The skin is a living breathing organ, the largest organ of the body. Imagine if your heart was open to the elements, would you consider rubbing known carcinogens & toxins onto its surface. Alternatively would you consider swallowing a capful of floor cleaner? I very much doubt it! Consider this, when you dip your hands in a bucket of cleaner the chemicals immediately start filtering through the skin, the skin acts like a sieve thankfully many chemicals have a molecular structure too large to reach the blood stream, however many chemicals can & do. Sadly some of these are toxic & carcinogenic. Canacer causes are reduced when you change to safer personal care items & cleaning agents.

Chemicals also enter the skin when you brush your teeth, wash your hair, take a shower, put on sunscreen, or enter a swimming pool. The list is endless. But do these chemicals do us any harm? The manufacturers say that the small amount ingested in a shampoo for instance is within safe limits so there is no need for concern. The reality is that no long term research has been carried out to prove or disprove this view. What is known is that many of these chemicals find there way to other body organs & stay there. Because they do not degrade or get excreted a build up can occur possibly causing all manors of bodily problems including cancer. This may be a major cause of cancer, but no evidence exists to prove it or disprove it. It is better to eliminate all toxins from the body until we know for sure.

Research has shown a link between the increased use of chemicals over many years & the increased occurrence of cancers. We as individuals have a choice believe the industry experts who also once told us smoking was safe, or act ourselves & buy safe products.

For contact details of where to get safe carcinogen & toxic free formulas send an e mail to

* Alcohol : Yes I know we all like a drink, well most of us. Keep it in moderation. If you like red wine that is said to be beneficial, in moderation of course. Alcohol is still one of the major cancer causes so take care.

* Parasites & Bacteria : The gut is your biggest ally in the fight against cancer & cancer prevention. A healthy gut is essential. In one trial every incidence of cancer also showed the presence of a gut infection. Cancer causes are often linked to the gut, see our Parasites and Bacteria page for more details & practical methods for keeping it healthy.

* Tap Water : Despite numerous claims by our authorities & continuing studies supposedly demonstrating the safety of our water, we continue to hear about instances where the water has been contaminated with one sort of waste or another. WDDTY suggest that fluoridated water is one of the cancer causes. Dr Sherell Sellman reports of significant levels of hormones in the water we drink. One thing is for sure, no long term tests have been done to prove the safety of our water, it is therefore safer in my opinion to take action to prevent or at least reduce your intake of tap water. There are a number of options giving various levels of safety at of course various levels of budget. See our tap water page for more detailed information. PS: Dehydration is not an option.

* Sunlight : Sunlight is supposedly another one of the cancer causes and another one of my personal issues for debate. If you have a view or in depth knowledge please help me keep my readers informed & up to date. Here’s my view.

We need sunlight because the intake of various light frequencies creates chemical reactions within our bodies. Production of vitamin D for instance is enhanced by light intake. Our knowledge is as always limited with respect to the millions of other reactions & production of micro nutrients that are essential to healthy living. Getting light is important and may help control cancer causes. I believe sunbathing is probably reasonably safe as long as it is done in moderation. You must at all costs prevent yourself from getting burnt.

There is also another side of the coin. The link between sunbathing & cancer causes is pretty solid. The link between exposure to certain frequencies of radiation found also in sunlight & increased levels due to ozone layer depletion is also pretty solid. The fly in the ointment is this. There is an increasing level of evidence that suggests that the chemicals found in many sun tan lotions also have a link to cancer causes. Which came first and how much does one contribute to the other? No one knows, & I suspect no one will ever know. More details of cancer causes on the sunlight page.

* Mental Attitude : Believe it or not there is a significant correlation between cancers & people who have a negative outlook to life. There is also a significant relationship between mental attitude & people beating cancer once it has been contracted. This may be at the bottom of the list but it is none the less very important.

* Stress : Goes without saying, get rid of it, vent it, burn it. Stress can exist without us knowing it. Many complementary treatments for cancer today include strategies for eliminating stress from the mind body system. Others focus on determining the cause of that stress. If you dont deal with the cause of stress & thus the cancer it is likely to return.

Dr Hamer from Germany has shown that trauma creates lesions within the brain which can be seen using the MRI scan. Dr Hamer has also shown that the location of these lesions in the brain have a direct relationship to the location of resulting cancer on the body. Dr Hamer believed he could tell where the cancer exists on the body simply by examining MRI scans for lesions. Dr Hamer also successfully treats cancer causes by investigating previous life incidents that may have caused the lesions.

Stress may be more important than we think with respect to cancer causes and acontrol of cancer. We should all consider evaluating our known and unknown stress levels to prevent cancer and not just the treatment of it.

See Stress pages for more.

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