Cancer Causes We Have Some Control Over

* Drugs: Depending on the drug & the reason for taking it the amount of control we have over drug use & subsequent cancer causes comes down to choice. Contraceptives for instance are largely choice driven. Cholesterol drugs are on the other hand more difficult to reduce or cut out without careful control. There are natural alternatives to many drugs but they need to be carefully administered & controlled with the help of a professional naturopath, herbalist & your GP.

* Surgery: Breast, vasectomy & transplants have been linked as cancer causes, or the increased spread of cancer. We will cover this in more detail soon. For now think twice before getting any surgery that is not imperative & do your homework. If you get info please pass it on we would be pleased to hear from you.

* X Rays / Radiation: the best advice is to limit the xrays that you have.

* EMF at Home & Work: Wherever possible limit your exposure by keeping clear of electrical appliances. VDU, TV’s, etc. There is much evidence to suggest that these are linked to cancer causes, however the official view is that more research is needed. It is our view to be safe & take action today by limiting use & contact.

* Mobile Phones:

* Asbestos:

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