Why Cancer-Prevention?

Because you and your family deserve a full & healthy life, not one cut short, or one that is limited in quality by debilitating disease. Cancer-Prevention methods can significantly improve your health & longevity, not only reducing your risk from cancer but also from other major diseases too.

Did you know that the occurrence of cancer has reached huge almost epidemic proportions, having an impact on almost every family in the USA, UK & EU. The statistics below are for the USA. Similar figures are true for the UK & EU. Other countries are either not much better or even worse.

* 1900 1 person in 50 contracted cancer

* 1950 1 person in 12

* 1980 1 person in 7

* 2003 1 person in 3

* Today statistics show we are fast heading towards 1 in 2 Cancer-Prevention is the only action that will stop this!


Is it worth it?

There are numerous things that you can do to prevent cancer in your lifetime, they do not guarantee a cancer free life, but they will significantly reduce your risk. Whether or not it is worth the effort is a personal choice. It is often easier to decide for a loved one than it is for yourself.

Ask yourself this question, if you knew your loved one, partner or child, would contract a cancer in 5 years time without any doubt, would you look for solutions to cancer-prevention?

If you answered yes then you should consider taking cancer prevention actions seriously. They will make a difference today & in the future.


Imagine sitting in a restaurant, you’re by the window, and looking around you notice there are three people at each table. You’re with a loved one & another family member. As you hold the menu, expensive red leather bound folder, you can smell the leather & feel the textured quality. You’re feeling good and suddenly you notice one person at each table getting up and leaving. You wonder why!

You open the menu & to your surprise & horror there are three choices

* You

* Your Loved One

* Your 3rd Guest

And then the comment:

"Today you can choose which member of your party is to contract a cancer, please select which one you would like it to be."

What would you do? Could you really make that choice or would you prefer to leave it to fate? It's a pretty awful scenario isn't it, or is it?


Cancer-prevention methods give you that choice. They give you the opportunity to remove yourself from the list, & better still they give you the opportunity to not only remove yourself from the list but to remove your loved ones, friends & family from the list also.

You are not shifting the disease from yourself to another as in the restaurant situation above, no it’s better than that, and you’re eliminating it. You are changing the actual statistics.

If you take cancer-prevention action as outlined here you will not only reduce your & your family's risks, but you will also have an impact on the overall statistics world wide.

Statistics currently show that in the near future there will only be two people at your cancer restaurant table, you & your loved one. If you take action, you can affect the statistics a little & reduce your personal risk. If however you empower others to take action, your loved one, friends & family, you can alter the trend significantly.

You can be part of the movement to eliminate cancer globally.

It only took twelve disciples, & a few good stories & look what happened.

Whatever level of action you decide to take, taking some is better than none.

Join "The Cancer Prevention Campaign" today; Click on the tab on the left.


What can I do?

It's simple:

* Decide & commit to taking action click on "the Campaign" tab to the left now.

* Join us by registering for our regular no cost newsletter, getting the Free Step by Step Guide to Cancer Prevention at the same time.

* Take simple steady steps, don't try to do it all at once, you have the rest of your life. Enjoy it. Make it a long one.

* Use us for support & guidance

* Spread the word

Cancer can have many varying causes often working together to create complex biological systems. One thing we do know is that it is not a simple disease caused by one factor.

The good news is that our bodies are naturally equipped to kill & eliminate cancerous cells. All we have to do is support the body to do what it does best & naturally.

Most cancer causes can be split into three predominant sections

* Those that we have control over

* Those that we have some control over

* Those that we have no control or very little control over

The Cancer-Prevention method is simply understanding the causes & changing our lifestyles to eliminate or minimize their impact upon our bodies. The step by step guide shows you how to do this at a level that can be achieved.

All the causes are detailed more fully on a separate page, plus all the help & support you need. Many of the actions add something to your life enhancing health & enjoyment. This process is about living, not wrapping ourselves into cocoons never to be harmed.

Join our movement & become a friend & community member for a more fulfilling, healthier, enjoyable, longer life.



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