The Cancer Prevention Campaign™ Gone Ballistic

The goal of The Cancer Prevention Campaign™ is to reverse the trend of 1 in 3 people contracting cancer in their life time and getting worse, to making cancer a rare occurrence, a disease of the past.

Using a tried, tested & proven process that has been in existence for 1000's of years the Cancer Prevention Campaign™ is taking the world by storm...

Or perhaps I should say "You" & the community.

Here is how it works...

Step 1: enlists the help of active Cancer Prevention Campaign™ Elite Level 2 members in each country

"Is that you?"

It could be You!

Step 2: Each Elite Level 2 Cancer Prevention Campaign™ member enlists the help of twelve or more active members themselves.

There's no timescale, one per Month, one per quarter, it's entirely up to you. The good news is you can do this automatically with little or no effort on your part.

We'll help you, we'll guide you, and we'll support you. You're never alone.

When each elite member has enlisted the help of just twelve more active elite level 2 members we will be on the road to reaching over 50% of the population within 10 years.

"Yes we are here to stay"

Yes that sounds far fetched but I assure you it's possible

Yes that's a lot of people world wide

But more importantly

"Yes it will have a dramatic effect in eliminating cancer world wide"

If 50% of any population is actively promoting cancer prevention, because they are eliminating the causes of cancer from their lives, then cancer will quickly become history.

"Cancer - Gone"

We chose our name very carefully!

Cancer can become a minor disease or a disease of the past

We are set to enjoy a fantastic period. We can achieve what neither drug treatments nor pre & post operative protocols can ever achieve....

The question I hear you ask is,

Is it really possible?

Yes, let me explain how. Cancer as we know it has only been rife in the modern world for a very short period of time. It only continues to effect more & more of us because we continue to embrace all the trappings of the modern world.

The good news is, we don't have to go back to living in caves to eliminate cancer!

More people today are wishing to live healthier lives & live longer. That same group of people have realised that there is only one person responsible for their health, & only one person who can improve the quality of their life, long term, and that’s themselves.


We are taking action now. It is because of this action, "Consumer Demand" that we are enjoying healthier produce in the supermarkets. It is because of this action that Governments & food producers themselves are beginning to eliminate dangerous toxins & other chemicals from the foods we eat & personal care products we put on our skin.

"There is still however a long way to go"

I personally am not prepared to wait another 1O, 20, 50 or more years for all products to become safe. It's just too dangerous. Thousands of others like me feel the same way! How about you?

"You too can shortcut the process!"

The basic causes of cancer are well documented. If you simply eliminate the main causes of cancer from your life, and we can help you achieve that easily and painlessly, you will significantly reduce the risks of contracting cancer.

The answer to the question, “is it possible” is a categorical


It is possible & it's not that difficult

You do however need to act fast!

As an Elite Level 2 member of the Cancer Prevention Campaign™ you will get the following, special, fantastic gifts:

1. You can get safe toxic free & carcinogen free items at wholesale prices

2. You get to be healthier, fitter, happier, and live longer.

3. You could save your life

4. You get the unique Cancer Prevention Guide™. A no nonsense simple practical guide on how to eliminate cancer causes from your life. Over 20 fact filled pages in the form an of an e book.

5. You get to meet many like minded people and make friends.

6. You will dramatically reduce your risks to cancer & other major disease

7. You could save the life of a loved one, husband, wife, child, grand child.

8. You could save the life of a friend or colleague

9. You get the amazing informative "Up & Running Newsletter"

10. You receive our guide to safe toxic free & carcinogen free personal care items & cleaning agents

11. You could help identify & fund cancer prevention research programs without spending any of your own money

12. You get insider information on how to save money and time from your weekly shop

13. We show you where to go to get cutting edge information that will help you save on energy bills, because we want to reduce our carbon footprint and breathe cleaner air.

The icing on the cake.

You get to help save 1000's of lives


By taking action with cancer prevention you will also reduce your risks of contracting heart disease, diabetes & other major debilitating life threatening illness.

The best is yet to come...

How much does all this cost?

If you join Today at Elite Level 2 the cost is...

$ Zero, £ Zilch, EU Free

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