What Cancer-Causes Are There?

What cancer-causes are there?

That has been one of the questions resulting in billions being spent on research. Scientist around the world have in the past, & still do spend lifetimes searching for cancer causes & then a chemical that will destroy the resulting cell complex called a cancer.

When we know what cancer-causes there are we can take action to eliminate them. That action will save heartache, pain and ultimately your life.

Here you will find an outline of the major factors contributing to the creation of this disease. Cancer-causes are generally well known, they do however often combine to create complex biological systems making it difficult to treat once it has taken hold within the body. This is also a reason why we get so many reports from the, "latest research" highlighting yet another product that causes cancer. It is fairly easy to create a significant link between one factor & cancer-causes. We must therefore tread carefully & act sensibly.

Prevention of cancer is & always will be much easier & more effective than having to create a "cure".

The major well known contributors to cancer-causes are listed below being split into three sections:

* The factors we have control over as individuals

* The factors we have some control over

* The factors we have little or no control over


Cancer-causes that we have control over:

Let me show you how you can take action to iliminate or at the very least minimise your risk without unecessary pain or anxiety. Join the Cancer prevention campaign today. Click on "The Campaign" tab to the left now before you forget. Cancer-causes:

* Smoking: If you smoke stop, If you don’t never ever be tempted to start, & do limit your exposure to cigarette smoke. If you go to our stop smoking page you will find all the advice & support you need to become free. 100% success program inside. For more info click on the "Stop Smoking" tab on on the left.

* Nutrition & Diet: Your diet has a significant impact on your risk to contracting cancer. From contamination with insecticides, pesticides & bacteria, to simply eating poor quality foods. Your body can only fight cancer if it has the tools, the ammunition, & the nutrients with which to do it. See our “anti cancer diet” for help, support & recipes.

* Toxins: These can enter our body from the air we breathe, the food & water we drink & from the substances our skin comes into contact with. Did you know your skin is a living breathing organ? Many chemicals are known cancer-causes & these same chemicals are found within products we put on our skin. You can reduce your exposure by first looking at the toiletries & cosmetics you use. Many of these OTC items contain some pretty nasty chemicals. After that look at the cleaning products & other household substances. Make your house a toxic free zone. See the page covering cancer-causes & toxins for more details.

* Alcohol: Yes I know we all like a drink, well most of us. Keep it in moderation. If you like red wine that is beneficial, in moderation of course. Alcohol is still one of the major cancer-causes so take care.

* Parasites & Bacteria: The gut is your biggest ally in the fight against cancer & cancer prevention. A healthy gut is essential. In one trial every incidence of cancer also showed the presence of a gut infection. Cancer-causes may be linked with the gut either directly or indirectly. See our page covering the gut for more details & practical methods for keeping it healthy.

* Tap Water: Despite numerous claims by our authorities, & continuing studies supposedly demonstrating the safety of our water, we continue to hear about instances where the water has been contaminated with one sort of waste or another. It is suggest that fluoride & chlorine in water is a cause of cancer. Other reports suggest significant levels of hormones in the water that we drink may be cancer-causes or related to other problems especially with young children. One thing is for sure, no long term tests have been done to prove the safety of our water, its therefore safer in my opinion to take action to prevent or at least reduce your intake of tap water. There are a number of options giving various levels of safety at of course various levels of budget. See our tap water page for more detailed information.

* Sunlight: Another one of my personal issues for debate. We need sunlight because the intake of various light frequencies creates chemical reactions within our bodies. Production of vitamin D for instance is enhanced by light intake. Our knowledge is as always limited with respect to the thousands of bodily reactions & production of micro nutrients that are no doubt essential to healthy living and possibly preventing cancer-causes.

Getting light is important. sunbathing should be safe in moderation but you must at all costs prevent yourself from getting burnt. There is also another side of the coin. The link between sunbathing & Cancer is pretty solid. The link between exposure to certain frequencies of radiation also found in sunlight & increased levels due to ozone layer depletion is also pretty solid. The fly in the ointment is this. There is an increasing level of evidence that suggests that the chemicals found in many sun tan lotions also have a link to the cancer-causes. Which came first? No one knows, & I suspect no one will ever know. More details on the sunlight page.

* Mental Attitude: Believe it or not there is a significant correlation between cancers & people who have a negative outlook to life. There is also a significant relationship between mental attitude & people beating cancer once it has been contracted. This may be at the bottom of the list but it is none the less very important.

* Stress: Goes without saying, get rid of it, vent it, burn it. Stress may be known or unknown by the person living with it. Traumas from the past can set up stress within the body and may be linked to cancer-causes. It is possible to investigate & evaluate your stress as a prevention to cancer. This may be very helpful & important to life extension as a whole.


Cancer-causes that we have some control over:

* Drugs: Depending on the drug & the reason for taking it the amount of control we have comes down to choice. Contraceptives for instance are largely choice driven. Cholesterol drugs are on the other hand more difficult to reduce or cut out without careful control. There are natural alternatives to many drugs but they need to be administered & carefully controlled with the help of a professional naturopath, herbalist & your GP.

* Surgery: Breast, vasectomy & transplants have all been linked to cancer-causes or the increased spread of cancer. We will cover this in more detail soon. For now think twice before getting any surgery that is not imperative & do your homework. If you get any interesting info please pass it on we would be pleased to hear from you.

* X Rays / Radiation: the best advice is to limit all kinds of xrays that you have.

* EMF at Home & Work: Wherever possible limit your exposure by keeping clear of electrical appliances. VDU, TV’s, etc.

* Mobile Phones: Another area for debate

* Asbestos: If you are working on a old house look out for asbestos. If you think you come across some get it tested before removal. If you have any doubt, call an expert. Many types of asbestos are of minor concern but it is always safer to be sure as they are known cancer-causes.


Cancer-causes that we have little or no control over.

* Heredity / Family: This is an area which I personally have a problem with. Being an optimist in the health field I do believe that some people do have a genetic pre-disposition to contracting certain conditions including some types of cancer. I do however believe that it is simply a pre-disposition. If you take care of yourself & follow cancer prevention methods there is no reason why you should not live a full & healthy life.

I believe that the heredity & aging title is banded around too freely, often because the person using it just doesn’t have a solution or cure in there medicine chest. If we continue to tell people that cancer is likely because it’s hereditary then we are simply placing the thought within the mind. We should all know by know that this simple act in itself can create the very outcome predicted. It is a self fulfilling prophecy. How will we ever know if it is true heredity or just simply the mind acting upon the command?

* Viruses: More info to come

* Power Lines: Another bone of contention, any views?


It’s a pretty daunting list of cancer-causes, but can you see the great news here. Most of the causes are under your control, or are in areas of your life that you have some influence over. All you have to do is take action.

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