Bowel Cancer - All You Need To Know

Below we have provided enough information to enable you to prevent bowel cancer (large and small intestines) and other cancers of the digestive system. The information will empower you to make informed decisions on how much change you should make to eliminate or at least minimise your and your families risk to contracting a bowel cancer.

If you or a family member, have been unfortunate enough to already contract cancer of the digestive system, you will find some must have information to help you combat the disease.


Bowel Cancer is a major killer in most developing countries. In the UK 35,000 were diagnosed in 2006 with around 50% mortality (Cancer research), US 225,000 diagnosed with around 130,000 deaths. Cancer of the intestines is a major killer in Japan also.

Bowel cancers however are one of the most curable cancers when diagnosed early. With the introduction of increased screening programs and your own awareness of possible symptoms it is feasible to substantially reduce mortality figures in the future.

But let's not stop there!

It is much safer and healthier to prevent the onset of the disease in the first place rather than running the gauntlet of early diagnosis and then the pain and trauma of treatment.

The symptoms of bowel cancer and other Digestive system cancers are not unlike common ailments we get everyday. Some cancers show very little symptom before it has spread and then is more difficult if not impossible to treat. It is for this reason I say it is imperative we all take action to prevent a cancer occurring in the first place.

Prevention is a real option but you need to consider taking action now before it’s too late.

We have researched many articles, extracted data from many books and gathered up to date feedback on what is working around the globe, We then transpose this information in as simplified format as possible so that you don't need a PHD, or be highly qualified to understand what we present and more importantly to put the information to good use right away.

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The following set of pages will show you how the bowel (large & small intestine / colon) relate to certain types of cancer, how they are caused, and as a result demonstrate that prevention can easily be achieved and ultimately show that elimination of most bowel cancers world wide is possible. We also provide some need to know treatments that must be considered for a holistic curative program.

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