Bowel Cancer Prevention

Bowel cancer prevention is relatively straightforward to implement because most causes lead to one or more lifestyle activities combined. With the causative factors known it is easy to plan what to do to instigate prevention.

To obtain help and guidance and create a personalised prevention programme join the Cancer Prevention Campaign™. You get all the help you need and you will be among friends with like minded goals ambitions and aspirations. Smoking:

Smoking causes more cancer related deaths than any other activity. Because this is such a large impact-full subject in a person's life and the life of their loved ones we have devoted a complete section on smoking, its dangers and provided assistance to stop. Stopping smoking at any age will help with bowel cancer prevention.

As a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner I am well equipped to help you overcome this long term debilitating life threatening activity. I was also a smoker for well over 20 years so know first hand how difficult it can be.

I also provide a Holistic Stop smoking programme which combines all the information you need with the most successful methods for giving up. If you commit to following this programme we guarantee 100% success. It's just not possible to fail.

email me for details... Diet and Nutrition:

When it comes to cancers of the mouth, throat, stomach, colons, and rectum it will come as no surprise that a major contributing factor in preventing any disease within this system will be your diet.

A healthy diet and good nutrition will eliminate almost all cancers within the body and will help with bowel cancer prevention.

Again like smoking the subject is so wide that we have devoted a rather large section to providing dietary and nutritional guidance. Please do not skip this section as we have carried out substantial research which identifies a number

Again like smoking the subject is so wide that we have devoted a rather larger section to providing dietary and nutritional guidance. Please do not skip this section as we have carried out substantial research which identifies a number of diets which will fundamentally prevent and in some cases cure a cancer after it has started.

Like smoking, changing a diet to any significant degree and sticking to it, is not easy as anyone who has tried to lose weight will testify.

Also like smoking many foods which we eat, and perhaps we should question the name "food" being applied to such substances, have within them, and form after consumption addictive chemicals.

Did you know for instance that the feel good factor is not psychological but most likely caused by small levels of opiates reaching the brain when certain food substances are consumed. As you know opiates are also addictive. Why else would we crave certain food types when we are not hungry?

Within our diet section we are providing guidance and support to help you and your family move towards a healthier cancer preventing diet and there is a big, massive benefit you can’t do without! Stress and emotional factors:

Stress has for a long time been linked to problems of the digestive system including some cancers. Stress can largely be controlled and kept in check however sometimes additional assistance is worth while getting. My advice, and I guess I am biased, is to see a Clinical Hypnotherapist or at the very least obtain a book / manual and CD that will show you how to control stress using Hypnotherapy and NLP methods. Stress is known to affect the gut and therefore stress reduction should play a part in bowel cancer prevention.

Meditation is not too dissimilar to this and may be helpful as long as it is a non focused meditation method and not a goal directed technique. Screening:

Regular screening for bowel cancer prevention is not as such preventing the cancer from forming but it is a method that should have a impact on the number of serious cases that develop and result in mortality. We have included further information about screening and other testing methods on the "Testing For Bowel Cancer" page within "Types of Cancer - Digestive System".

Cancer Prevention is the single key factor which motivates me to continue building this web site. By actively promoting cancer prevention through The Cancer Prevention Campaign™ and assisting people like yourself to make small but significant lifestyle changes we can and will reduce the unnecessary suffering around the world due to cancer.

Many people like yourself are not only joining the campaign to reduce their risks and their families risks but are helping me promote the campaign by taking one or two simple additional actions.

If you are interested in reducing your personal risk to contracting a cancer, and at present in the west it is 1 in 3 people during your lifetime, and helping your family and friends reduce their risks. Join the campaign today.

Just one month after having the idea for this web site my close friend contracted a aggressive cancer of the neck. Despite having a fair amount of information and knowledge at that time I could do nothing to help. Within about 8 to 12 weeks he was gone.

Many of the thoughts and dreams I had for the future had to change. It took me a very long time to come to terms with the fact that I would never see my friend again in this life. I do not want this to happen again for anyone so the CPC™ moves on. Bowel cancer prevention is just one aspect of the whole.

If you think you would like to do more and help me eliminate cancers around the world let me know and I will explain how. I thank you.

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