Wormwood is a common herb in regions of southern England, Europe, North Africa, Central Asia and North East America.

It grows to between 2-3ft tall, has silvery green lacy leaves with small pale yellow flower heads in midsummer.

This herb has been used as a insect repellent and is useful if placed in pantry or drawers.

It has been used for stomach upsets, digestive complaints, expulsion of intestinal worms, head cold, flu, TB and a tonic for liver and gallbladder.

Also stimulates the production of stomach acid and bile assisting in digestion and absorption of nutrients.

It can be used for poultices, insect bites, bruises and sprains and reducing swelling and inflammation.

It may help with Anorexia Nervosa, and as a antidepressant.

This herb can be toxic in large doses. It is recommended to use under supervision of your medical practitioner or Herbalist.

Absinthe was a popular hallucinogenic drink in 20th century France.

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