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Bowel Cancer - All You Need To Know: This is a series of new web pages added to The series of pages explain where bowel cancer occurs within the digestive system, what are the main causes and what actions we can take to prevent it happening in the first place. There are also pages that define signs, symptoms and treatment protocols.

Herbs: Goldenseal (Within Newsletter)

Aloe & Wormwood ( Added to Web this month)

Product Review: Detox with...Liver Cleanse

Alcohol Free Mouth wash

Green Smoothes:

DIY Bio Degradable seed pots

Toa Te Ching - Lou tzu Extract from ...

Hello again Pete here...

It's been some time since the last newsletter but I think you will find the new layout, reading options and content to be well worth the wait.

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Web Site Plans:

New This Month: 1. Cancers of the Digestive System

2. Bowel Cancer

Coming Soon:

1. Stop Smoking Holistic Program

2. Diet & Nutrition for Cancer Prevention, Obesity, and Weight Management.

I have at long last got my house in order such that I can devote more time to http:/ and the Cancer Prevention Campaign™. My long time ambition and dream to help eliminate cancer world wide is now progressing.

Bowel Cancer - All you need to know:

The digestive system: or Gastro Intestinal System extends from the mouth, pharynx, and oesophagus all the way down to the anus. Many types of cancer occur within this system usually revolving around a specific function or organ.

To have a basic understanding of this very important system is key to preventing possibly most if not all cancers within the human body. We have as usual kept it as simple as possible with diagrams to assist understanding.

The digestive system is essentially responsible for transporting food and drink from the mouth down through our body. During this transport process the digestive system breaks down the food and drink into elements the body can use, and waste material in the form of solids and liquids. The solid waste material is excreted via the anus.

Chewing food in the mouth starts the process of breaking down food. If food is properly chewed (masticated) in the mouth it is in the form of a paste when swallowed and the body has already added many enzymes to assist in the digestive process.

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Up and Running Newsletter Jan - Mar 09

Herbs: Goldenseal - Hydrastis Canadensis

Also known as; yellow root, eyeroot, wild tumeric, ground raspberry, Indian dye, Indian paint.

Location: Native to North east America. First introduced to Europeans by the Cherokee and Iroquois.

Known Uses: Skin Problems, Eye wash, sore eyes, Dye, Antiseptic, Inflamation, Stomach Upsets, Improves apatite, Cancer Treatment, Diarrhea, Earaches, Fever, Whooping cough, Pulmonary problems, Heart and liver troubles, Sore throat, Mouth wash, Infected gums, Mouth sores (Chewing of Root) Natural Antibiotic,

The chemical Berberine found in Goldenseal acts Against bacteria Staphylococcus and several intestinal parasites including Giardia and Tapeworms. It is toxic to some fungal cells and some types of cancer cells.

Goldenseal benefits the circulatory system and heart.

Mix with Echinacea purpurea to boost immune system.

Note: Goldenseal can be toxic in large doses and should not be used by pregnant woman, or where high blood pressure is a problem. Check with GP or Medical consultant prior to use.

To see new web pages on Aloe and Wormwood go to and select Herbs on the left. or click the link below.
Herbs for cancer Prevention

Business and Health

Some members find they cannot maintain full physical, psychological and spiritual health while working a 9 to 5 job. Me included.

While it is fine for some, many of us need to create our own success to achieve our personal ambitions and to set our own standards.

This is important because any cause of stress can create malfunction within the mind body system. To assure a healthy system internally we need a happy satisfied system emotionally.

Dr Hamer in Germany suggests that all cancer is caused by an emotional stressful cause and uses brain scans to locate lesions from which he can pinpoint the part of the body a cancer may occur.

Where was I, oh yes. I have as a result of walking the path, and may I add still on route, found a number of ways to earning an income and paying the bills while striving towards personal success, contentment and good all round health. I’m not there yet but on my way.

A healthy business and a healthy workforce, whether it is a one man or woman show, or a business with a large work force is crucial to a healthy planet.

If we create full and true health we will be working in harmony with the planet and those around us.

Our business, we ourselves, our families and our workforce will be living a true sustainable life on a sustainable planet in a sustainable universe.

We can help guide you, give you some support, and point you in the directions of systems and methods that are working for others. If you would like more information drop me an email.

The Cancer Prevention Campaign™

We need your help..

Cancer Prevention is dependant on people like you & I taking some action. Anthony Robins the NO 1 Life coach in the US states that you need to first know your outcome, second you need to have a strategy, third you need to take action & fourth you need to monitor results.

The Cancer Prevention Campaign™ outcome is reducing the onset of cancer statistics world wide.

The strategy is phenomenal & is likened to taking one railway engine that's ours & set it running. Initially it struggles with the hills but keeps on going. We add another engine on the front & now with twice the power we run smoothly & the hills are easier. We add another engine to the front, this may be you, you are guided, supported & driven by the first two engines. With the power of three engines were racing up the hill & almost flying down the other side. Goals are being met destinations come & go there is no stopping us now. We keep adding engines who add to the power, guidance & support. We have a community with a clear outcome & a strategy that is exponential in potential.

We now need you to join us. We will show you some simple easy actions that will help reduce your risk to contracting cancer in your lifetime. Your small easy actions contribute to the whole just like the engine analogy. Very soon due to the phenomenal growth rate of this strategy we will be affecting onset of cancer statistics in many countries.

We will be monitoring the success of our strategy & at times we may make adjustments to improve the speed & or impact of our success.

Cancer-gone will soon be closer to a reality as onset cancer statistics reduce from 1 in 3 people to 1 in 4, then 1 in 5 and more….

For more details of the Cancer Prevention Campaign™ go to

News Clips / Updates:

Childrens Bath Products Contain Cancer Causing Chemicals: Source:

I find it amazing that news reports and studies are still being issued that tell us what many of us knew ten years ago and have been doing our best to warn people of since. I guess we should remember that there are many people out there who are still unaware of the dangers lurking in our personal care products. Lets tell more people about it and point them to safer options.

This report states: cancer causing chemicals formaldehyde and 1,4-dioxine have been found in leading children's bath and body products. The findings were made public in a report by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.

They found that over half the well known brands tested contained trace elements of cancer causing chemicals. Warnings of their presence were not on the labels. The chemicals were not intentionally added so warning labels are not required by law.

What this report does not tell you is that many chemicals in our personal care products are toxic and in some cases carcinogenic but still pass the safe usage standards at the time of writing.

The good news is that as many customers started to vote with their feet many manufacturers have had to re-evaluate the content of their products. There is still a long way to go and as this article shows, we have to ask ourselves, "Can we trust them" (with our lives).

For a safe range of products simply send me Pete an email…. I have been using a range of safe products for over 6 years now and can recommend them whole heartedly.


Alter Your Lifestyle To Cut Colon Cancer Risk

This report states that in Ventura County (USA ed) some 325 people will contract colon cancer and some 105 people will die of the disease.

Colon cancer is the third most common cancer and is the third most common cause of cancer related death.

Colon cancer is however both preventable and treatable.

Men and woman who maintain a sensible body weight are less susceptible as are those who eat less red or processed meats. Studies also show that high levels of physical activity my cut the risk of colon cancer by 50%.

Treatment is more successful if diagnosed early. If you are 50 plus you should ask you GP about screening options. Report issued by The American Cancer Society: link


Cancer Cure Is One Step Closer:

Source: Daily Express Monday 09 March 2009

Researchers have identified a enzyme "LOX" (Lysyl Oxidase) which allows cancer to spread throughout the body. The enzyme was discovered while studying cancers in mice.

The research team hope to have a drug available within 5 years which will switch off the "LOX" protein and stop cancer spread.

A comment was made that "through such collaborative effort", (UK and US teams involved), "we will find a cure for cancer".

The charity's science information officer said "this cutting edge research provides new opportunities to study the complex relationship between cancer cells and their surrounding tissue"

Ed comment: 1. "We already know how to "cure" most cancers and that is to prevent them from materialising in the first place. The application of more drugs, whose side effects from long term use is unknown will only result in other reactions, pain and pitfalls, and more time wasted, more lives ended prematurely. 2. You wouldn't think that cancer research charity would be looking for new opportunities to study unless they have more funds than projects! “A strange comment?"


President Obama vows to find cure for cancer


President Obama lost his mother to ovarian cancer and has vowed to find a cure for cancer. Most cancers are related to lifestyle. 30% of all cancers could be avoided by stopping smoking. Fifteen different forms of cancer are attributed to smoking. Other lifestyle choices could reduce cancer dramatically. To find out ways to reduce your risk of cancer, take the American Society's Health Challenge.


Colorectal Cancer:

Source: Mazen Alsatie MD ( Colorectal cancer is the second major cause of death in the US. Death is almost 90% preventable

if appropriate screening measures are followed. Causes of colorectal cancer are generally known and include toxins in the stool and high fat diet. Genetic pre-disposition only playing a relatively small role.

If we take responsibility ourselves we can prevent most incidences of this type of cancer. Combine this with adequate screening and it could easily become a rare disease of the past. Ed


Drinking Wine Increases Risk of Breast Cancer

Source: KYW medical ed. Dr B.McDonough The Fred Hutchinson Study revealed that drinking 14 glasses of wine a week increases risk of developning breast cancer by almost 25%. Red or white wines has no difference in effect.


Dual Therapy For Brain Cancer

A Lancet Oncology Report states that trials in USA and Europe demonstrate a 10% increase in survival rates for brain tumors when radiation and chemo drug Temozolomide are applied. Rates were up to 28% for patients under 50 years


Anti-angiogenic therapy:

Anti Angiogenic therapy combined with chemotherapy has demonstrated benefits in clinical trials with certain cancers. Laboratory testing has however demonstrated a need to keep a close watch on this therapy due to a increased incidence of metastasis.

Patients with a form of liver cancer called Hepatocellular Carcinoma and possibly those with Kidney cancer treated with single agent anti-VEGF therapy showed improved survival rates with no deleterious effects

Patients with glioblastoma treated with anti-VEGF therapy with or without chemotherapy generally benefit with a reduction in tumour size. "The gratifying responses are meaningfully durable". Most patients however become resistant and show subsequent tumour spread in other areas sometimes leading to more aggressive spread.

"These data therefore highlight the point that oncologists must carefully scrutinise clinical data, not only focusing on short term endpoints, such as response rates and time to progression, but also patterns of failure, overall survival and quality of life."

Ref: Nature Vol 458, 19 March 09, LM.Ellis The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas.


Organometallic Drugs Progressed:

Inorganic drugs such as Cisplatin, that are toxic and non targeted, and large organic drugs, which are weaker, targeted and have a narrower range of cancers, are both less effective due to resistance in cancers. These may now be replaced by organometallic drugs such as dinuclear ruthenium-arene compounds which have now progressed to experiments in animals. These drugs have previously been found to be highly toxic and unstable. Ref: Nature Vol 458 iss7237 March 2009, P.l.Dyson Swiss Fed Ins. OfYech, Loussanne.


Melanoma Tumour size reduced.

Researchers at the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda have found that combining retinoic acid with a drug that activates SOX9, which slows cell division and sensitises melanoma cells, tumour size in mice was significantly reduced. Human melanoma has otherwise become resistant to treatment with retinoic acid. Ref: Nature Vol 458 March 2009 page 262.

Sun Tan & Cancer - Is it safe to sunbath:

According to Professor S Shuster writing in the book Panic Nation Sensible sunbathing is safe. He states that the reporting & of skin cancer incidence has painted a bleak picture & has almost been tantamount to scaremongering.

Nearly all skin cancers are benign, they do not spread or cause death. Most skin cancers are no more than 1 cm wide are easily removed & treatment is nearly always successful. Skin cancer is in fact at the bottom of the cancer mortality tables.

The advice is to enjoy the outside, cover up to prevent burning & use a safe sunscreen that is toxic & carcinogen free. Exposure to natural light increases chemical production behind they eye which promotes good health. (eg Vitamin D)

For a list of safe sunscreens send an email for information to

Green Smoothes:

Take a handful of Spinach, or Watercress, or Kale. Blend vigorously with a little water until well broken down. Add fruits to taste: eg Banana, nectarine, pear, pineapple and blend. Finally add a small carton of plain yogurt and lightly blend to complete the mix.


Tao Te Ching - Lao Tze - (Extract From)

The Tao that can be told, is not the eternal Toa.

The name that can be named is not the eternal name.

The Tao is both named & nameless,

As nameless it is the origin of all things. As named it is the mother of 10,000 things

Ever desire-less, one can see the mystery

Ever desiring, one sees only the manifestations

And the mystery itself is the doorway to all understanding.


Under heaven all can see beauty as beauty

Only because there is ugliness

All can know good, as good

Only because there is evil


Being & non being produce each other

The difficult is born in the easy

Long is defined by short

The high by the low

Before & after go along with each other


So the sage lives openly with apparent duality

& paradoxical unity

The sage can act without effort & teach without words

Nurturing things without processing them


He works but not for rewards,

He competes but not for results

When the work is done it is forgotten,

that is why it lasts forever


Comments: The name isn't what it is! People in different countries put labels on things in different languages. There are therefore many names for the same thing. "it's what it is, it is not the name"

Let go of wanting & just let it be! Do not want to start to play the guitar, just "start playing" Do not want to be successful. Just start doing what you desire & success will manifest itself. Enjoy the moment of doing. If you enjoy that moment repeat it. Repetition breads skills which breads success.

Let go of annoyances, especially annoyances regarding others. Let others be what they are at that moment. Move out of their space & into your own space of being. Be yourself.

If a person can show you the Tao, that is not the Tao. Especially not for you! The eternal way "is". Your way "is" the way. There may however be shorter paths, more pleasant paths, or simply other paths. But the important thing is that the way is eternal.

Liver Cleanse & Gallstone Flush:

This is a quick way to do a detox and flush. I am on the second day. You are advised to put 3 days aside. I can vouch for this method in getting things moving. You definitely need to be at home!

I obtained the recipe from The Rainbow Diet by Chris Woollams (CancerActive / ICON) who attributes the process to William Kelleys Cancer Treatment.

I will follow this up with a Parasite cleanse after a few days respite.

Day 1: Eat no fat for breakfast or lunch. Mix 4 Tablespoons of Epsom Salts with 3 cups of water (warm to dissolve) Note: I added some grapefruit juice to cover the taste. Drink 1/4 of the liquid at 18.00, a further 1/4 at 20.00 Mix 1 to 1.5 grapefruits juice extracted with 1/2 cup of extra virgin olive oil. Sip this by 22.15. Take a herbal sleep remedy and retire

Day 2: Take 1/4 of the Epsom salts mix in morning not before 7.00 and the final 1/4 2 hours later. Eat nothing until after mid day and take a light lunch.

Once movements start drink plenty of clean water. Expect diarrhoea for several days.

DIY Bio Degradable Seed Pots:

These seed pots take just a couple of minutes to make and provide ideal containers for all types of seed.

Take a plastic bottle, the base of which will be the size of your seed pot.

Next take a sheet of news paper and fold it once or twice depending on size.

Now wrap the newspaper around the bottle allowing sone to hang off the bottom. About half on half off is good. Secure with a couple of pieces of sticky tape.

Now fold the paper over the base just like wrapping a xmas present. Again secure with sticky tape.

Slide cup newspaper cup of the bottle and you should have something like that shown in the picture. Make a few a group them together. Add soil seed etc. The seeds can be left in the pot when planting out, this will just degrade in the soil.

Alcohol Free Mouthwash:

Many mouthwashes have contained alcohol and other strong chemicals to kill germs and bacteria. These are thought to be associated with many cancers of the mouth and oesophagus.

I have been using a alcohol free mouthwash for some years now and would recommend it’s use.

Please check your bathroom!

For source of safe mouthwash email for details

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