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Breast Cancer - All You Need To Know: This is a series of new web pages added to The series of pages explain how to prevent breast cancer, and describes the types of breast cancer and what treatments are available. There are also pages that define the signs and symptoms. . . . . .

Herbs: Calendula Calendula officinalis Known as the pot marigold. An amazing plant which is so underated and underused.

Energy Conservation: Electric cars and going off grid.

News Headlines: Latest news clips from around the world.

Toa Te Ching: - Lou tzu Extract from ...

Hi Pete here...

We are enjoying the warmer summer days here in London, however we are getting more thunder storms and humid days than normal for this time of year.

My wife thinks I didn't look cheerful enough in my last photo so this is me trying hard to be cheerful. And another go on the last page. What do you think?

This newsletter is focusing on Breast Cancer. If you are a man and think this does not apply to you think again, men can get breast cancer, although fairly rare, and all the symptoms are pretty much the same. If you are male or female it is a good idea to know your body and understand how to do a self examination. If you are a couple you could have some fun and help each other. A good understanding of the types of disease, and what you can do to prevent it, or at the very least minimise risks of contraction is a must as this is the main cause of cancer death in woman today.

I have recently been investigating the possibility of building a electric powered vehicle for everyday use, the advances of technology and possibilities available are pretty good.

It looks as though my daily journey is just a bit too far, so I am now looking at bio-fuels and producing my own at home. This looks much more feasible and could cut my fuel bills in half. As I currently commute 100 miles a day this is a significant chunk of my income. Look at the Energy conservation article inside.

Sadly several well known stars of TV and sport have contracted cancer. We wish them well with their journey and pray for a successful outcome.

My daughter and granddaughter arrive on Tuesday from Japan so am looking forward to a few weeks family get together for summer. They are going to show me how to make several Japanese style foods. If they are healthy I will obviously pass them on, if they are not so healthy I will be looking for ways to modify them. Could be interesting!

MY granddaughter is going to an American school out their and although it has only been 6 months she has already picked up a good accent. It will be interesting to see if she drops it while she is here.

I have been a bit lax lately with my diet so will be working hard to apply more raw foods to the menu.

Hope you are all well and working towards minimum risk by applying the six steps to a cancer free life.

Best wishes and good health


Breast Cancer: All you need to know:

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer has for a long time been the most feared disease that afflicts woman in the west. It is the 2nd leading cause of death in American woman and the most common malignancy in America and Europe.

There is a 1:8 risk of contracting breast cancer and a 1:28 risk of death.

Significant improvements have been made in screening and diagnosis which has enabled earlier treatment to start which has significantly reduced the death rate due to cancer.

A recent report stated that 1/3rd of all breast cancers removed were found to be benign. This suggests that the biopsy type diagnosis is fairly inaccurate and or inconclusive and as a result surgery is carried out to be on the safe side.

Given the significant improvements of treatment in general and the more frequent use of holistic mind body support, death resulting from breast cancer is in decline.

Prevention of breast cancer, like any cancer, is a real option. By prevention I do not mean the removal of breasts where there is a increased risk of contraction. I am talking about life style changes that have a significant effect in reducing the risks of contracting breast cancer.

The Breast

The breast is made up of connective tissue, fat, and gland tissue which is divided into lobes. The breast is affected by the menstrual period and may become lumpy, change shape and size. The breast will also change with age becoming less dense as glandular tissue reduces and fat increases. The use of HRT may increase density.

The armpit has many lymph nodes which connect to the breast and the body’s lymphatic system. There is also a line of lymph nodes vertically positioned between the breasts at the centre of the chest. This is called the Internal Mammary Chain.

The body’s lymphatic system drains toxins from the body via the lymph nodes. Lymph, a yellow fluid carries the body’s waste products. Tissue fluid bathes the body’s cells this is cleansed and re-circulated by the lymphatic system. Cancer cells broken away from the tumour are carried away by lymph.

Breast Cancer Prevention

There are many aspects of life style choices which may be considered now to prevent breast cancer in later years. These choices will apply even if a family history and or genetic disposition exists which increases overall risk to contraction. In fact they are more important in such cases as every beneficial life style change may contribute to reducing the overall risk of contracting breast cancer.

HRT; Hormone Replacement Therapy has for some time been linked to an increased risk of several types of cancer. It also increases risk of heart disease, strokes and blood clots. HRT is often prescribed to help with symptoms during and following menopause. There are alternative more natural solutions which do not increase the risk of contracting cancer and should where possible be used in place of HRT.

The Birth Control Pill; has been identified as increasing the risks of contracting breast cancer. The birth control pill should be used for as short a period as possible. Young girls in particular should be informed of all the long term risks along with their parents.

Alcohol; Drinking alcohol daily or excessively at weekends increases the risk of contracting breast cancer. Alcohol also increases the risk of contracting other cancers and other life threatening disease.

Weight / Obesity; Being overweight and in particular obese will increase your risk of contracting cancer. A sensible diet, good nutrition and exercise will not only give you a good looking body, it will supply you with more energy, and literally more life.

Exercise; as stated above will prolong your life. Exercise keeps the fluids in the body moving, in particular fluidity of lymph and subsequent extraction of toxins from the body will help maintain breast health. Exercise will help ward of other serious life threatening disease and increase quality of life as we get older. A good diet and daily exercise has been shown to reduce risk by 18%

Nutrition; A good varied diet with increased levels of raw organic foods will provide most nutrients required to maintain a healthy diet. Vitamins A, C and E however have been shown to reduce the risk of breast cancer therefore, supplementation with these nutrients is highly recommended. Remember when buying supplements only buy naturally sourced vitamins do not buy synthetic. These are usually the cheaper variety.

Bearing Children; Woman who have children after the age of 30 years or none at all have been shown to have a increased risk of breast cancer.

Breast feeding; children for 1.5 to 2 years has been shown to reduce risk of contracting the disease.

Emotional / Stress; General emotions, stressful or traumatic situations have been known to have an impact on the body causing disease. Cancer has been linked to such causative factors for many years and successful treatment may be hindered if the emotive factors are not discovered and eliminated. This may very well be the reason why many so called successful treatments recur later. Many holistic cancer treatment centres have provided various solutions either directly or indirectly in the form of counselling, meditation, hypnotherapy or simply giving the patient time to reflect and make significant life change. It is my belief that a more targeted treatment protocol using Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP would increase successful outcomes significantly.

Early Detection: Be body conscious. Regularly examine your own body, in particular your breasts and surrounds. Get to notice any differences at certain times of the month. Often menstrual periods will create lumpy tissue that will disappear later. If any changes such as pain or swelling persist get it checked by your GP. If you are not sure how to do a self examination ask the GP and he / she will arrange for a specialist to show you how and what to look for.

From the age of 40 it is wise to get regular screening which is usually 1 to 2 years apart. If you are at an increased risk your doctor may increase the frequency and may lower the age to start.

The earlier breast cancer is detected the more successful treatment is and often the less invasive treatment required.

Signs and Symptoms

Signs and symptoms of breast cancer are not always clear as they can be similar to symptoms of other conditions and they can be due to natural period changes. If you have any immediate and significant changes or symptoms that persist past the monthly period you must seek advice from your GP.

Please note that 9 out of 10 lumps are benign, they can be cysts, fibro-adenoma, collection of fibrous glandular tissue. Pain is not usually due to breast cancer but some cancers may cause pain.

General signs or symptoms of breast cancer include lump or thickening on the breast or underarm, swelling or lump in armpit, increase in breast size, change in shape, nipple turns inward, sinks or becomes irregular shape, pitting and redness anywhere on breast, rash on nipple. Puckering or dimpling of skin.

Signs of Inflammatory Breast Cancer include ridges or thickening of the skin, a pitted orange peel effect sometimes a lump or inverted nipple. Itching, swelling, colour change, warm to touch or hot. A sudden swelling or increase in cup size in a few days. Firm and hard to feel. Pain, ache or stabbing, nipple colour change and discharge sometimes with blood.

Breast Cancer Treatment and more in the full text pdf version

Up and Running Newsletter Apr - July 09

Calendula - Calendula officinalis

Mastitis can occur when breasts are not fully emptied or feeding schedule is interrupted. Bacteria entering through the nipple creates the infection. The herb Calendula can be applied externally which acts as a antimicrobial. Drink adequate amounts of water to flush the system. Maintain a healthy diet and reduce consumption of fatty foods.

Calendula is also known as pot marigold, poets marigold, gold. Easy to grow and should flower from June to first frosts. Regular deadheading will ensure continued flowering.

Has been used with other herbs to reduce pain following mastectomy and lymphedema. Also studies have shown good results when treating acute dermatitis following post operative irradiation treatment for breast cancer.

The herb has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties and is beneficial for wound healing and a boost to the immune system.
Herbs for cancer Prevention

Business and Health

Some members find they cannot maintain full physical, psychological and spiritual health while working a 9 to 5 job. Me included.

While it is fine for some, many of us need to create our own success to achieve our personal ambitions and to set our own standards.

This is important because any cause of stress can create malfunction within the mind body system. To assure a healthy system internally we need a happy satisfied system emotionally.

Dr Hamer in Germany suggests that all cancer is caused by an emotional stressful cause and uses brain scans to locate lesions from which he can pinpoint the part of the body a cancer may occur.

Where was I, oh yes. I have as a result of walking the path, and may I add still on route, found a number of ways to earning an income and paying the bills while striving towards personal success, contentment and good all round health. I’m not there yet but on my way.

A healthy business and a healthy workforce, whether it is a one man or woman show, or a business with a large work force is crucial to a healthy planet.

If we create full and true health we will be working in harmony with the planet and those around us.

Our business, we ourselves, our families and our workforce will be living a true sustainable life on a sustainable planet in a sustainable universe.

We can help guide you, give you some support, and point you in the directions of systems and methods that are working for others. If you would like more information drop me an email.

The Cancer Prevention Campaign™

We need your help..

Cancer Prevention is dependant on people like you & I taking some action. Anthony Robins the NO 1 Life coach in the US states that you need to first know your outcome, second you need to have a strategy, third you need to take action & fourth you need to monitor results.

The Cancer Prevention Campaign™ outcome is reducing the onset of cancer statistics world wide.

The strategy is phenomenal & is likened to taking one railway engine that's ours & set it running. Initially it struggles with the hills but keeps on going. We add another engine on the front & now with twice the power we run smoothly & the hills are easier. We add another engine to the front, this may be you, you are guided, supported & driven by the first two engines. With the power of three engines were racing up the hill & almost flying down the other side. Goals are being met destinations come & go there is no stopping us now. We keep adding engines who add to the power, guidance & support. We have a community with a clear outcome & a strategy that is exponential in potential.

We now need you to join us. We will show you some simple easy actions that will help reduce your risk to contracting cancer in your lifetime. Your small easy actions contribute to the whole just like the engine analogy. Very soon due to the phenomenal growth rate of this strategy we will be affecting onset of cancer statistics in many countries.

We will be monitoring the success of our strategy & at times we may make adjustments to improve the speed & or impact of our success.

Cancer-gone will soon be closer to a reality as onset cancer statistics reduce from 1 in 3 people to 1 in 4, then 1 in 5 and more….

For more details of the Cancer Prevention Campaign™ go to

News Clips / Updates:

Maura Tierney star from the television series ER has been diagnosed with a breast tumour. She states she is optimistic as the condition is generally treatable. The first stage is to undergo surgery which will identify more details and enable a more detailed treatment plan to be developed. NBC have had to delay production of “Parenthood” in which Maura Tierney is to star.

John Hartson who played football for Wales and a number of clubs including Arsenal and Celtic has been diagnosed with testicular cancer which has also spread to the brain. The Singleton Hospital are asking fans and well wishers to respect the privacy of John and his family along with other patients at the hospital. John retired from football in 2008

Lung Cancer Drug Tarceva; Roche Holding will use the findings from late stage trial data to support its filing for approval of the drug Tarceva. Results from the trial suggest that patients with lung cancer live longer if they take Tarceva right after chemotherapy compared with patients taking a placebo.

Prostate Cancer and Heavy Drinking; A recent study at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) found that heavy drinking in men increases the risk of contracting prostate cancer by twice or more. The research team also found that heavy drinking also effect’s the drug Finasteride making it ineffective in reducing prostate cancer risk

The Central Texas chapter of the American Cancer Society needs your help. Volunteers are needed to help promote the annual relay in Belton. The event raises funds for cancer research at Scott & White Hospital. To participate and learn how you can volunteer, attend the group's next team captain meeting at 6 p.m. Tuesday at the Harris Community Center, 401 N. Alexander, Belton.


When I was just passing forty I was very concerned with my receding hair line, I did not like the idea of going bald.

I read a article that identified some research, in Switzerland I believe, that suggested the contents of shampoo prevents the cycle of hair growth and as a result causes hair thinning.

Since reading this article I have used a shampoo and conditioner that contains no carcinogens or toxins.

About six months after starting to use this shampoo my wife remarked that my hair looked fuller. It is now 8 or more years since starting with this shampoo and my hair is doing well.

Please check the ingredients of your shampoo now! Look for Sodium Laurel Sulphate, SLS or similar name.

If you would like details of my shampoo send an email to

Tao Te Ching 48th Verse - Lao Tze

(Extract From Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life by Dr Wayne W. Dyer)

Learning consists of daily accumulating. The practice of Tao consists of daily diminishing; Decreasing and decreasing, until doing nothing. When nothing is done, nothing is left undone.

True mastery can be gained By letting things go their own way. It cannot be gained by interfering.

Here we can see the Tao is in accordance with what is being said today with regard to many aspects of life. If we relate this to energy consumption we can see we should simplify our lives by reducing the energy we consume. If we follow this teaching we would automatically reduce energy consumption without trying. By giving more than we buy, by keeping the old car much longer, by washing the dishes by hand and not buying the latest dishwasher, by living more in harmony with nature we naturally decrease and subsequently start decreasing the burdens on our lives also. With so many less things to go wrong our lives become more joyful, less stress, less of everything except life itself.

Alcohol Free Mouthwash:

Many mouthwashes have contained alcohol and other strong chemicals to kill germs and bacteria. These are thought to be associated with many cancers of the mouth and oesophagus.

I have been using a alcohol free mouthwash for some years now and would recommend it’s use.

Please check your bathroom!

For source of safe mouthwash email for details

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