Types of Cancer

There are many types of cancer most of which are described by there association with specific parts of the anatomy, organs or body function. (eg Lung, Bowel, Leukaemia etc.)

Cancers may also be described in greater detail as a more accurate diagnosis are obtained. (eg carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, lymphoma etc).

Accurate diagnosis is important in allopathic medicine to ensure the best treatment protocols are achieved.

Below we have listed type of cancer either by anatomical systems, specific parts of the body or organs, or by the cancer type detail.

Each section may be subdivided further. For example the Digestive system covers a significant area of the body and a number of pages will cover that subject.

Simply click on the name below:

1. The Digestive System

2. Types of Bowel Cancer
2.1 Bowel Cancer - All You Need To Know
2.2 Causes of Bowel Cancer
2.3 Bowel Cancer Prevention
2.4 Testing For Bowel Cancer
2.5 Types of Bowel Cancer
2.6 Symptoms of Colon Cancer
2.7 Stages of Colon Cancer
2.8 Colon Cancer Treatment

3. Breast Cancer
3.1 The Breast
3.2 Breast Cancer Prevention
3.3 Signs and Symptoms of Breast Cancer
3.4 Breast Cancer Treatment
3.5 Types of Breast Cancer
3.6 Special Types of Breast Cancer
3.7 Breast Cancer Staging
3.8 The 2nd Opinion - for Breast Cancer
3.9 Male Breast Cancer
3.10 Breast Cancer Information Links
3.11 Other Support Services for Breast Cancer

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