The Holistic Approach For 100% Success in Stopping Smoking™

The Holistic Approach for 100% Success in Stopping Smoking™ can be followed by anyone either on their own or as part of a course supported by the guide & specific therapists of your choice as & when required.

The Holistic Approach Guide is also ideal for therapists to use as a retail support item giving the client greater insight into the options available & a greater understanding of the need for continued sessions if 100% success is desired.

The Holistic Approach guide covers the following topics that result in a process that when followed guarantees 100% success in the cessation of smoking:

Part 1 – Preparation

1. How can we guarantee 100% success in the cessation of smoking?

Is it just hype & trickery or is it a reality? We can in fact guarantee 100% success with this process it’s just like learning to walk – Guaranteed. We will give you your money back, without any quibble or fuss if you don’t succeed after following this process – period! In fact we are so confident of this process we will give you your money back if you purchase the guide but after reading Part 1 you decide that you are not ready to commit to giving up. We do not want you to purchase this product if you are not ready. The problem is, until you have read Part 1 you may not know that you are not in fact yet ready.

2. Belief Systems – Gaining understanding, strengthening what you have & finding more.

3. Creating strong reasons for becoming free & keeping going

4. Dealing with objections

5. Preparation, planning & lifestyle

6. On keeping a journal

7. Withdraw Symptoms

8. 100% Success mindset

9. Commitment the last hurdle

10. Deal with & Overcome any issues preventing comittment

Part 2 – Becoming Free

1. Creating a plan – Your Personal Road Map to success

2. Nutrition & Supplements

3. NLP – Reframing

4. NLP Timelines

5. Visualizations

6. Fast & Detox

7. Clinical Hypnotherapy – Deep Relaxation & Direct Suggestions

8. Clinical Hypnotherapy – Creating Solid Supportive Anchors

9. Clinical Hypnotherapy – Assessment for conflicting Issues

10. Clinical Hypnotherapy – Parts Therapy

11. Controlling Stress

12. Clinical Hypnotherapy – Aversion Therapy

13. The Other options

Part 3 – Staying Quit

14. Ongoing Support & Staying Quit

15. Avoiding Weight Gain

16. Never Ever Fail – Dealing With Relapses

17. Enjoying a Healthy life!

The Holistic Approach For 100% Success in Stopping Smoking™ has been developed by me in my practice using standard previously proven NLP & Clinical Hypnotherapy techniques.

Although these techniques & procedure, in there own right provide great results, more often than not better than other treatments such as Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT), I have never been happy or at piece with myself knowing that someone paid me good money for a treatment process that did not work. It was for this reason that I continuously altered my recommended process over a period of three years until I had significantly improved the results I was getting.

The final icing on the cake came when I introduced the somewhat arduous preparation section. With almost anything we do in life good preparation will almost always guarantee greater success & better results. The preparation process to The Holistic Approach For 100% Success in Stopping Smoking™ is proving to be an absolute must.

The process walks you through each stage step by step at your own pace, you can follow it alone, enlist the help of friends & loved ones or tie in with a local therapist. The process determines if you are ready & prepared to commit & become free from smoking. If you find that you are not, the process assists you in dealing with the issues that are stopping you from moving forward & becoming free before you start spending any hard earned cash. Later procedures are almost certain to fail if Part 1 is not concluded with full unequivocal commitment.

Many therapists essentially replace this process by charging a higher fee. The idea behind that is that if you are not fully committed to giving up then you simply will not spend the money for their time. The basic idea is sound & to some extent it helps safeguard the therapists statistics for success, but it does not really deal with some of the major issues dealt with in Part 1 of The Holistic Approach For 100% Success in Stopping Smoking™.

Also many therapists will simply move straight into the giving up phase in a single session without considering your belief structure, level of commitment or anything else in your history that may identify a reason for your lack of success. With every other condition the therapist deals with he or she will first take a full history, discuss various aspects of your life & then propose a treatment protocol. And the awful thing is this will cost you less than a straight smoking session.

What you need to do is compare, contrast & decide what is right & best for you. If you are really committed & have a strong belief in your ability to succeed, enough to pay a high price for say a single session, then that process may be the most efficient & cost effective for you. If however you lack confidence in your ability to succeed, you have doubts about various aspects of becoming free then please do not waste your money on the single session quick fix. Get The Holistic Approach For 100% Success in Stopping Smoking™ and find a local therapist or therapists who you can work with to go through the process. I will also be here to help guide & advise you if you need help. Take your time do it right & do it once.

Whatever process you choose, never ever give up giving up Let’s make it right, let’s make it better!