The Breast

This simplified explanation and graphic of the breast will familiarise you with the main anatomical parts associated with breast cancer. It will help you to understand where the body parts are located physically, when they are being discussed in greater detail on the following pages.

The Breast

The breast is made up of connective tissue, fat, and gland tissue which is divided into lobes. They are affected by the menstrual period and may become lumpy, change shape and size.

Age will also create changes within this part of the body, creating a less dense structure as glandular tissue reduces and fat increases. The use of HRT may increase density.

The armpit has many lymph nodes which connect to breasts and the body’s lymphatic system. There is also a line of lymph nodes vertically positioned at the centre of the chest. This is called the Internal Mammary Chain.

The body’s lymphatic system drains toxins from the body via the lymph nodes. Lymph, a yellow fluid carries the body’s waste products. Tissue fluid bathes the body’s cells, this is cleansed and re-circulated by the lymphatic system. Cancer cells broken away from the tumour are carried away by lymph.
The next page provides essential information for maintaining breast health and preventing cancer from occuring.

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