In The Beggining - Why Start?

In the beginning many people start smoking for many reasons often mixed, some known & obvious some not. Smoking can be a fetish, an obsession that inexplicably nags at the subconscious. It may be due to what seems like a craze that all your friends were doing or it may have been advertising influencing your subconscious thoughts. This possibly more likely if you started some time ago when cigarette advertising was more prolific.

Many people just want to fit in, your group of friends may have been almost all smokers & just to be sociable you tried a few cigarettes when socializing. Before you new it you started smoking at other times too.

Many youngsters start smoking as an act of rebellion towards their parents or teachers. It is not necessarily a result of a poor upbringing it is just a way of striking out, growing up & becoming independent. Of course there are better ways but when your young you just don’t know that.

Its often a question of looking older, looking cool or fashionable. We all want to look our best & at times in our life smoking may seem a way to accomplish this.

As we get a little older say in our mid to late teens peer pressure can sometimes influence people to start. Many youngsters start as a result of participating in experimenting with drugs, especially cannabis. If we are in a group who all smoke we may be constantly cajoled to have a cigarette. For some reason psychologically we do not like the odd group member being different to us, so if the non smoker is the odd one out the group may sometimes join forces to persuade the individual to join forces & unite.

As time moves on a cigarette can seem like an old friend, providing comfort & solace. Cigarettes are often considered stress relievers & relaxants. In reality the chemicals do neither, however it makes no difference if the smoker has the belief that they are less stressed & more relaxed following a smoke.

If you take a few moments to reflect on some of the reasons for starting to smoke, & perhaps list others more specific to you, you will find like most people the original reasons for smoking just simply don’t exist or apply anymore. So why continue?

PS: If you have other reasons for starting I would love to hear about them. Send an email to Thanks I appreciate you taking the time.