Smoking Cessation can be achieved, & success guaranteed if you simply carry two acts.

1. Commit to a process or processes that help eliminate tobacco from your life.

2. Never ever release the commitment no matter what.

Committing to a process is simply said, but being sincere with yourself & others is the first major event before you take any steps. The following pages are designed to help you find the reasons to commit & create the leverage required to take action & never ever release that commitment.

Becoming free from tobacco is not easy, if it was you probably would not be here. Just remember that it is possible, & it’s possible for you. If you decide to commit we will always be here to help & support you.

We all know people who have tried to give up in the past, we may have been there ourselves, I for one tried to give up smoking a number of times before I found a process that was successful for me. Not all processes suit everyone, & not one single process is effective for everyone.

What we are doing here is outlining the possibilities & providing a template which you can use to create a process with which you feel most comfortable. You may find that our “Holistic Approach” provides you with the best solution, & you can by all means use that as the map to your future life free from tobacco.

The following pages are designed to guide you through the initial phases of deciding whether or not you are ready to commit. Do not worry at this stage if you are not 100% committed as we will help you decide as we progress.

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The next page is the contents page which will give an overview of what’s included.

1. Contents of Smoking Cessation

2. Stop Smoking - Why?

3. In The Beggining - Why Start

4. Quit Smoking - Support

5. Cold Turkey

6. Nicotene Replacement Therapy (NRT)

7. Zyban

8. Accupuncture

9. Hypnosis

10. NLP

11. The Fast, Flush & Detox

12. The Holistic Approach for 100% Success

13. Staying Quit

14. Never Ever Fail Again!


I Quit Smoking Cigarettes, and I Believe You Can Too
I'm going on my 5th year without smoking or wanting one cigarette. I'll explain to you my method to quit smoking cigarettes.

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