Signs and Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Signs and Symptoms of Breast Cancer can be similar to and result from other conditions. Cancer is often not the cause. Here you will find the main signs and symptoms simply and briefly described. Remember that the menstrual period can create changes to the breast so it is generally advised to go through one cycle before seaking advice from your doctor. If in doubt don't leave it. Signs and symptoms of breast cancer are not always clear as they can be similar to symptoms of other conditions and they can also be due to natural period changes. If you have any immediate and significant changes or symptoms that persist past the monthly period you must seek advice from your GP.

Please note that 9 out of 10 lumps are benign, they can be cysts, fibro-adenoma, collection of fibrous glandular tissue. Pain is not usually a sign or symptom from breast cancer or due to breast cancer but some cancers may cause pain.

General Signs and Symptoms of Breast Cancer may include lump or thickening on the breast or underarm, swelling or lump in armpit, increase in breast size, change in shape, nipple turns inward, sinks or becomes irregular shape, pitting and redness anywhere on breast, rash on nipple. Puckering or dimpling of skin.

Signs of Inflammatory Breast Cancer include ridges or thickening of the skin, a pitted orange peel effect sometimes a lump or inverted nipple. Itching, swelling, colour change, warm to touch or hot. A sudden swelling or increase in cup size in a few days. Firm and hard to feel. Pain, ache or stabbing, nipple colour change and discharge sometimes with blood.

If you are in any doubt about what you are experiencing and how they may or more likely may not be associated to signs and symptoms of breast cancer do not be afraid or hesitate to seek advice.

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