Quit Smoking Guaranteed Never Ever Fail Again!

To be able to say that a process is 100% successful guaranteed there has to be a catch. In reality there is no catch except in the mind of the person applying the reasoning. See what you think.

This method is 100% Successful Guaranteed

Step 1

The first step to achieving anything is to decide you are going to do it no matter what!

Let me take you back to a time when you were on all fours. You were crawling around & everywhere you looked there were these giants standing straight on two legs, boy were they good. At some point you decided you wanted to get up there with them & see what it’s like above the clouds (table top). But first I guess you have to learn to control these two awkward blobs sticking out this horrendous cotton ball (nappy). After a while & a bit of coaching & support from one of these friendly giants (mama) you mange to get yourself up holding onto the side of the settee. You bite your lip, buck up a bit of courage & your off walking, No? What do you mean no? Oh yeah you fell over, what was it a toy or was it one of these blobs sticking out the nappy that misbehaved. Yeah I know one foot, that’s the stumpy bit on the end of the blob, got stuck on top of the other.

And then what Happened.

I know you said I’m giving up, I’m not trying that again it hurts too much & it’s embarrassing, those giants just laugh at me! So here you are 25 years old crawling around on all fours, Yeah? I don’t think so.

What really happened is you just kept going. You tried & tried until you walked. Later you tried harder & learned to run. Later you tried & you learned to Skip. Later you tried & you learned to race, ride horses, swim and so on. Is there no end to your talents?

The answer to that is no! You just have to commit to never giving up

So make that commitment to yourself, your wife & loved ones, your therapist, to me if you like. Make the commitment in writing & swear to carry it through no matter what.

It is as important as learning to walk, because if you do not commit, the chances are it will prevent you from walking ever again. Maybe not this week, maybe not next, who knows when. One thing is guaranteed, when it happens it will be too soon & it is sooner than you think.

Once you have your commitment you are guaranteed success 100%, simply because you will never stop being free from tobacco. Guess what this process can be used for any change in life.

Step 2

You may need help with your belief systems, reasons for taking action & determination to see it through. This help is available know.