Quit Smoking - Support

To quit smoking you definitely need a support group. The types of people you are looking for are those who have already quit, people who have a success oriented mindset, generally positive in nature.

To create your support group look to people you can call on at home, at work & socially. If you do not have a person at home you can rely on your task is much more difficult. It is not however impossible so do not use this as an excuse. If people you live with still smoke be aware that they may consciously or unconsciously resent your success. Do not accept their burden simply pass it back & contact your support person or move to another room.

Create a list of people to discuss your future success with & consider how to ask them for help & support. Colleagues at work & bosses in particular are often very sympathetic & helpful. Do not however ask them for funding or accept any no matter how hard it is, or how hard it seems. Smoking prevention programs rarely cost more than the cigarettes not smoked, all you will be doing in most cases is transferring your spend. If you do not make the effort yourself you will not work as hard as you would otherwise. Also if you are only going to try, don’t bother. You must be fully committed.

Against each person on your list, write down contact details & when they are willing for you to call, either by phone or in person. Try to get support covering 24/7, at least when your not sleeping.

I may seem a little unsympathetic in the paragraphs above, I assure I’m not, I just know what’s involved.

If you find it hard to get support 24/7 drop me an email & I will see what I can do to help. Pete@cancer-gone.com.