Nicotene Replacement Therapy NRT

Nicotene Replacement Therapy (NRT) consists of a range of products that provide a measured dose of nicotine into the blood system in order to help reduce the withdraw symptoms.

As nicotine is being replaced within the body, the initial withdraw symptoms to overcome are the physical habitual actions of smoking. These actions are also known as conditioned responses. It is generally thought that habits take around 30 days to form & 30 days to replace reform & or eliminate. It is usually easier to replace a habit than it is to eliminate.

After several weeks to a month the strength of nicotine is usually reduced. This process is continued until little nicotine is being introduced into the body & you are more able to cope with cessation altogether.

Few people consider combining methods & processes for giving up tobacco. I believe a much higher success rate would be achieved if you combine two or more methods that compliment & add to the overall support & performance of the process. For instance Hypnotherapy would be an ideal adjunct to NRT helping to overcome the habitual & conditioned responses during the first month.

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Nicotene Replacement Therapy is available in various forms including Nicotene Gum, Nicotene Patches, Nasal Spray, Lozenges, inhalers & tablets.

Nicotene Gum & Nicotene patches are probably the most popular as they are easy to use & the amount of nicotine introduced into the body is easy to control.

Side effects can include headache, dizziness, upset stomach & soreness of the mouth. Your GP should be consulted prior to beginning treatment.