Neuro Linguistic Programing - NLP

I usually start by stating that NLP is short for Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a very long title for what is effectively a set of often very simple tools or processes that help a person create or effect a change with relative ease.

The term NLP & associated set of processes were initially derived by R.Bandler & J. Grinder who after studying the activities of hypnotherapist, Milton.H Erricson determined that many techniques could be just as potent without the act of formal hypnosis. Milton H Erricson used many complexities of language & language structures to create mental & emotional shifts within a persons thinking.

NLP has been used within the realms of business, sports performance, personal success, teaching, & healing. There are a number of techniques which assist in creating a strong belief system and assist in the process of giving up smoking. NLP can be used in it’s own right for this purpose, however I believe greater success will be achieved if NLP is combined with other therapies either in a holistic fashion or simply added to formal hypnosis.

Some NLP processes can be very simple but very powerful. Just because a process is short & sweet do not underestimate the power behind the process. Many therapists have too quickly dismissed NLP without investigating the details & intricacies involved. It is often later when greater success is being demonstrated that therapists have gone back for a second look.

Clients looking to give up smoking would be wise to consider this process either as a starting point to gain belief, a success mindset & full commitment to the act of becoming free from tobacco, or as a complete solution in it’s own right.