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Issue: September 06

From: Peter Spencer

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1. Chit Chat – Hello!

2. The Autumn Cleanse

3. New Surgical Device for Liver Tumors

4. Testicular Cancer Self Examination

5. Childhood Cancer

6. Task Force recommends against testing for genetic mutation

7. Recipes..Yeah!


1.Chit Chat:

Well Hello again, it’s been a long time but I’m sure you will like the changes. It’s been a busy month & it’s still only the 9th. You see i’ve been setting up the new web site cancer-gone.com, it’s been in the planning for well over a year & buzzing around the old grey matter for nearly three. Well it’s here, it only has a few pages but the structure is planned & you will see it grow week on week. If you have any ideas or thoughts you would like to see included shout. No I said SHOUT!. Ha! Only kidding, but I would like to hear from you.

Cancer-gone.com has been in the planning stage for so long because I wanted to make sure the content would be valuable & useful. It is aimed at the less medical & technical level with a more practical stance & an overriding theme of prevention. I firmly believe that this way of tackling cancer will have a longer lasting effect on cancer onset statistics & our children & grand children’s health. And if you believe in re-incarnation, it could effect you next time round. Now there’s a thought!

I’m doing my part, why not join in the fun & actively promote cancer prevention yourself. Together we can & we will make a difference. Email me if you‘re interested. pete@cancer-gone.com

Ok so what about this newsletter. It’s changed. If you received this newsletter by snail mail it’s because you used to receive the old one that way. Sadly this will be the last one you receive unless you register for the email version. It’s very simple to do here’s how…

To Register do this:

I apologise if this seems unfair but sadly I cannot justify the cost of snail mailing a free Newsletter, sorry. The good news is it’s still free, & you get to connect with the web site too.

The newsletter will include many tips tricks & info relating to health & healing in general, & cancer more specifically. We will include issues regarding the mind body & spirit, meditations & inspired thoughts. Well anything that gets you a better, healthier, longer, happier life.

The newsletter will also have a business & abundance section or I will maintain this as a separate newsletter altogether. We will see how it goes. Like I said earlier, let me know what you think & what you want. This is for you after all.

So here we go….


Health Issues

2. The Autumn Cleanse

At this time of year I personally like to give my body an autumn cleans. It gets rid of any of the extraneous foods that I may have succumbed to during the holiday period & sets my body up for the coming months of winter bugs etc. I believe it is a great preparation for boosting my immune system. Well all I know is that it seems to work for me. I have done this for three years & have suffered less colds & flu as a result. The few I have had have generally gone quicker.

Here is my regime…

Week 1. I start with Puri Tea which helps loosen the sticky gut contents (mucoid plaque) & creates a gentle colon cleanse. Use for seven days.

Week 2. I then use Para free for 25 days this is a strong nutrient mix containing a powerful comprehensive range of herbs to maintain & support the body’s defence system. I also use Feelin Good not only throughout this regime but as an ongoing fibre supplement. It helps rid the body of toxins & for me stabilises my IBS.

Week 1+. During this program & after I also use a range of vitamins & minerals. I recommend Maximol as an all round vitamin & mineral, Noni Juice for everything including a cancer prevention supplement. The evidence behind this plant is staggering. Finally I would recommend Revenol as the anti oxidant.

That’s it. That sets me up for winter & beyond.

If you would like to know how to get these items email me at: pete@cancer-gone.com


3. New Surgical device for liver tumors

A new surgical device, the Habib 4X invented by Professor Nagby Habib of Imperial College London, was used for the first time in the US. The device enables surgeons to operate where previously it was too risky.

Over 100 operations have been carried out & none of the patients suffered serious illness or died after the operation. Follow up after between 2 & 20 months showed no signs of the tumor returning.

The liver is the second commonest site for cancer in the body.

As part of a licence deal the Habib 4X will be made available to developing countries at cost.


4. Testicular Cancer Self Examination

A report from HealthyDay News – Testicular tumors are among the more common cancers occurring in men under 40. Seton Hall University in New Jersey advises men to conduct regular self-examinations. Here is what to do:

* Support the testicles in one hand & feel each with the other. * Gently roll each testicle between thumb & fingers. You will feel a smooth tubular structure that covers the top, back & bottom of each testicle. * With your finger , delicately separate this tube from the testicle to examine the testicle itself. * Feel for any swelling or lumps. * If you detect anything unusual, see your doctor without delay.


5. Childhood Cancer

HonoluluAdvertiser.com reports – Cancer is the leading cause of death in children under 14 years of age. At any given time there are more than 200 children in Hawaii undergoing treatment & about 82 are diagnosed with cancer each year. Cancer in children takes longer to treat & children can be in & out of hospital for up to three years.

One in 330 children will develop cancer by age of 20. 46 children are diagnosed each day.

In the US 12500 children & adolescents are diagnosed with cancer each year.

Cure rates are increasing slowly.

Leukemias – cancers of the bone marrow and tissues that produce the circulating blood cells are the most common childhood cancers.

These statistics are appalling. For a relatively small island, miles from continental pollutants, to have such a large percentage of it’s children suffering from cancers is a disgrace. We can only assume the western influences of life are rife. This is surely an example why preventative action is needed & fast. We need to start our children’s lives of, in the healthiest manner, & that means taking action before, during & after birth. It is never too late to start. Cancer Prevention is a must.


6. Task Force recommends against testing for genetic mutations

A US Preventive Services Task Force recommends against general screening for BRCA1 & BRCA2 gene mutations. It did however recommend screening or at the very least regular testing using mammography if there is a family history of Breast or Ovarian Cancer. It also recommended genetic counselling for those concerned & with family history. The risk of having these genetic mutations, without a history in the family of breast or ovarian cancer, is very small.

It was also stated that there is no real evidence to suggest that a positive test would ultimately result in cancer. It has been my belief for some time that testing of this kind can in itself become a self fulfilling prophecy. It is well known that suggestions made by surgeons & consultants during a time of stress can result in the patient subconsciously creating the conditions stated. I do not see why a disease like cancer would be any different.

Any views?...


7. Recipes Please bear in mind that my recipes have the onion taken out. My IBS just won’t have it. I will try to make a note of it so you know.

1.Turkey Saltimbocca I made this last week & it was scrummy, simple to do too! You need some turkey breasts (One per person) 8 large sage leaves, fresh if possible. Parma Ham (one slice per turkey breast) Packet of couscous 2 medium courgettes (half per person or one small one) Balsamic Glaze (I could not get this so I used some balsamic vinegar & honey)

Slice the turkey breast to create a pocket & put two sage leaves within. Wrap one slice of parma ham around the turkey breast & smear on a bit of honey.

Clean & slice the courgette down the middle lengthways

Use one frying pan for the courgette & turkey & one for the couscous.

Using olive oil gently fry the courgette until soft & place in the oven to keep warm (They may be grilled as an alternative)

Add the turkey to the pan with a drop of olive oil & gently fry turning frequently until cooked through.

About five minutes before the turkey is ready add the couscous to the second pan & add water. Leave to soak & heat gently turning frequently for one minute before serving.

Put the couscous on the plate first lying the turkey on to & slightly central. Add the courgettes to the side & finally sprinkle the turkey with balsamic vinegar or glaze. Make it look good & the enzymes flow faster aiding in better digestion.)


2. Poached Figs (Given the sugar content this should be a rare treat)

Ingredients: 8 fresh figs, 250g castor sugar, grated zest & juice of one orange, 6 cardamom pods lightly crushed, rose water or orange blossom water, low fat Greek yogurt.

Use a medium size pan & place the sugar, arrange zest & juice, cardamom & 300ml of water in the pan & bring to boil.

Add figs & simmer, cover pan. Cook for about 8 minutes. Remove the figs when they begin to soften & simmer the syrup further. Stir in the rose water after 6 to 8 minutes.

Pour syrup over figs & allow too cool slightly before serving with the Greek yogurt. Allow two figs per person.