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Issue: October 06

From: Peter Spencer

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1. Chit Chat – Hello!

2. Prostate – High Intensity Ultrasound Therapy

3. Hydrazine Sulphate

4. Prostate Cancer “Is it really anything to worry about?”

5. Natural Prostate Prevention & Treatment

6. Recipes..Yeah!


1.Chit Chat:

October & it still feels like summer, fantastic, may be someone transported me to another country it sure doesn’t feel like Britain!

Pam & I are in the process of selling house & moving. We currently reside in the picturesque village of Bourton-On-The-Water a very popular tourist spot. Why, simple we wish to be closer to our family at one end of the country which will hopefully give us more time to see family at the other end of the country & still have a life in between. As for moving, we are old hands at it but it still takes it’s toll on the stress levels. Thank god for meditation & the punch bag! If all goes well we should be in for Christmas.

What does all this mean? A big request… Please get your orders for Christmas in to me early as it will help enormously. A huge thank you in advance.

I have been tinkering with a raw food diet book, but with the exception of a few simple salads, it all seams very complicated. Do you, or maybe someone you know have any experience? Can it be made simpler & more interesting as I am convinced of the health benefits, any info would be much appreciated.

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As an aside…

This Web site is all about prevention of cancer, but nearly all the actions taken will go a long way to preventing most major disease.

Talking to Pam the other evening got me thinking… Why stop at health!

We were talking about morals, people leaving the country, lack of discipline, the shooting of two police woman, how all these issues are interrelated & why things are getting worse. Also what’s more to the point why our governments, either party, do not seam to care about their people, why do they only seam to care about big business & international industries?

We concluded that voting for a different party makes no difference, & if things are going to change only the people themselves can make it happen.

The question is how?

I have a belief that if each person talks to just enough people so that ten others are motivated to do the same then very quickly nations can be mobilised. Are you interested & motivated enough to make a difference? If you are & you want to discuss some ideas send me an email.

Together we can make a difference not only to the health of nations but to the safety & quality of all our lives.

So where was I?...

Oh yeah! The newsletter will include many tips tricks & info relating to health & healing in general, & cancer prevention more specifically. We will include issues regarding the mind body & spirit, meditations & inspired thoughts. Well anything that gets you a better, healthier, longer, happier life.

The newsletter will also have a business & abundance section & or I will maintain this as a separate newsletter altogether. We will see how it goes. Like I said earlier, let me know what you think & what you want. This is for you after all.

So here we go….


Health Issues

2.Prostate & High Intensity Ultrasound Therapy

“Cancer-Active” report that High Intensity Ultrasound Therapy (HIU) has been in Britain for just over twelve months at the Stepping Hill Hospital Stockport. So far it’s use in Europe shows a 44% success rate for 5 year survival, & in Germany one consultant reports a staggering 87% success rate over 5 year relapse.

To date over 7000 patients have undergone the treatment through Europe & Russia. The treatment is minimally invasive, local & highly selective. There are no side effects with few complications being reported.

FDA approval has been sought.

A special club was formed to pro-actively establish the treatment as it was feared it would be ignored due to the low cost, non toxic & non invasive nature of the process. In short it shows little profit but high levels of success.

At present it is mainly being used when other treatments have failed or surgery is not an option. As the success rates are so high we have to ask the question, “should this treatment come first?”


3. Hydrazine Sulphate

Estimates of approximately 75% of patients undergoing chemotherapy die from cachexia, which is debilitation & weight loss as opposed to the cancer being treated.

Hydrazine Sulphate blocks & prevents the bio chemical processes that maintains the cancers health & continued life cycle, by interrupting the cycle & effectively starving the cancer of the basic fuels, (lactic acid & glucose), which it requires to thrive & grow. This has the effect of increasing the effectiveness of chemotherapy without additional side effects.

Much controversy has surrounded the use of Hydrazine Sulphate outside of the Russian block countries which has largely pioneered the process & reported the main success. A number of research studies carried out in America have not upheld or substantiated the Russian findings. One main more recent study however has upheld Russian findings & this was a study by Harbor at UCLA.

Hydrazine Sulphate is a low cost chemical which perhaps accounts for some of the politics. It’s ironic then that low profit chemicals have a hard time getting approval & their counterpart high cost chemicals, in this country at least, cannot always be justified for use based on their cost. Patients lose either way.


4. Prostate Cancer; Is it really anything to be concerned about?

You might think that question is crazy, but I have heard a number of people brush the condition aside, saying things like, Oh many people live for years, well into old age before it gets them!” “ Many people never dye from it”.

Ok so here are some facts and you can make up your own mind.

If you are over 50 years old your chances of being diagnosed with Prostate cancer is 40%.

30% of all men over 70 are shown to have cancerous prostates.

At the current rate of increase it will overtake lung & breast cancer rates within 15 years

Despite the increase in incidence rate research funding is 10% that of Breast cancer!

Some suggestions for its cause has been put down to heredity. However tests show that only 8% of the population have the necessary gene responsible, therefore this may only be a partial reason. Different studies show varying results.

The main cause is put down to western diets, with greater links to dairy & fatty meats. If you want to take preventative action drink soy milk (None GM) & eat lots of tomatoes. Vegetarians are shown to have lower incidence rates.

Treatment methods include micro-surgery by insertion of a needle through the penus & down the urethra. Abdominal surgery which is risky especially with older patients is major & has numerous risks & side effects including impotence & incontinence. Radiotherapy methods include external & internal techniques. Diarrhoea, cystitis, incontinence & impotence are some side effects plus possible damage to the bladder & rectum. Hormone treatment is sometimes prescribed & used indefinitely. Side effects here include impotence, loss of sex drive, hot flushes, breast swelling & osteoporosis.

I don’t wish to scare anyone here, but I do think that this disease is more serious than people believe & that we are generally led to believe. If we can’t rely on the authorities to protect us or treat us satisfactorily we have only one choice, Prevention!

Prevention is as always far better than cure.

Why not take action, register your support with us & join the club for longer better health. The first step is easy & free. www.cancer-gone.com

Lancet News: Androgen deprivation study found that 6 months deprivation given before & after radiotherapy for locally advanced prostate cancer patients improves the outlook. Further investigation is required to determine more precise benefits.


5. Natural Prostate Prevention & Treatment

The following vitamins & minerals are known to support good health within the prostate & may help aid a cure.

Vitamins: A, D, E, F Minerals: Zinc

The following herbs have been used for the treatment of prostate enlargement & or linked to its prevention. Herbs: Panax Ginseng Pumpkin Seeds (1 handful per day) Pygeum Bark Saw Palmetto (Seeds or supplement) Stinging Nettle (Urtica Dioica)

The following foods are recommended to prevent prostate problems.

Foods: Tomatoes Green Tea (Hint: The Chinese do not usually brew their green tea as long as we do. Keep it week & it is not so bitter)

Foods to avoid: No surprises here: Dairy, Meat Protein, Saturated Fats.


6. Recipes

So I guess my task is to provide a few suggestions to aid & support prostate health.


Pumpkin Seeds, Linseeds, Nuts (Unsalted), Some fresh or dried fruits, Semi dried tomatoes.


A Salad containing any mixture of the following but must include tomatoes. Crispy lettuce, celery, toms, pepper, pine nuts, sliced or diced apple, avocado, olives. If you need to include a meat try a organic turkey.

We can’t all be perfect at everything & I find getting rid of bread difficult. The best option I have had recently is sprouted Hemp. It’s delicious & filling so you only need a small amount. Pam said it’s great toasted. I have yet to try that one.

Evening meal:

Pasta & stir fry. I find that this is a simple dish that can be put together using many variations of vegetable. Try substituting for yourself & have some fun. Let us know of any great mixes please.

Boil pasta separately & strain (try any pasta type but don’t overdo the amount). The pasta can be mixed with the vegetable in the frying pan or wok or simply mixed with the sauce separately. The sauce is used for the vegetables all mixed in, or you can split the sauce in half & mix the pasta & vegetables in the sauces separately. I do both just as the mood takes me. One tin of chopped tomatoes, mixed with Italian herb mix, or basil & oregano. You can cheat with a proprietary brand but do try to buy organic with the least preservatives, sugars & salt.

Vegetables: Orange Pepper, mushrooms, celery, baby sweet corn, carrot, clove of garlic if not in the sauce. For meat I use organic chicken or lamb. For vegetarians use tofu or just add a few more veggies.

Stir Fry the meat first in a little olive oil so that it is cooked through & just brown. Then put to one side. Similarly stir fry the vegetable for 3 to 4 minutes, add the meat & add the sauce. Allow to simmer for 5 to 10 minutes.

At this point you should have the pasta cooked & ready to strain.

You can now add the sauce to the pasta if keeping separate from the veg or you can add it to the veg & sauce. Turn in gently & heat through.

Serve on a plate; add coarsely grated goats cheese on top with a sprig of basil to decorate.

Once you get used to the method of this dish it can be started & served in around 30 minutes.

Variations: If you find this heavy on the tum! simply split the amount in half & serve with a side salad using lettuce, cucumber, tomato, & olives.

I find it hard to give up cheese altogether so where possible try to keep the amount down to a minimum or use goats cheese & always organic.

Happy Chomping