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Issue: January 2007

From: Peter Spencer

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HCS stands for Healing Caring & Supporting which is the name of our company. The purpose & objectives of the company are simple. To provide & facilitate healing & support because we care. We are continuously improving & expanding our abilities enabling us to do more with improved results.

Up & Running Health-News is a newsletter for people who care about life. We want our readers to be healthy & living a life of abundance & happiness.



1. Chit Chat - Hi

2. Resolutions

3. Recipe For Spring

4. Bacteria Freind or Foe

5. Herbs / Garlic

6. Tofu cuts risk of Ovarian Cancer by 44 Percent

7. Cabbage

8. Spiritual Ramblings

9. Web Based Business

10. Gifts for you

11. Network Marketing

**************************************************************** 1. Chit Chat:

Welcome & hello to another year with Health-News. I hope you all had a good break over Christmas. It has been pretty mild here in the UK & recorded as another record. Birds are already flying in & nesting. One Robin has been reported to having successfully hatched chicks already. The weather has been very sporadic with temps going up & down like a yo-yo. We have had some very high winds flattening several fences in the garden. A couple of days of snow & now back to rain.

The web is an amazing thing & I often try to remind myself that while I'm writing in health-news about our mild winter here, many of you are experiencing summer in places like OZ (Oh how I wish I was there!) & all variations in between. It's great to be able to communicate to such a wide audience & I welcome you all.

The nights & mornings here are getting lighter which is always a great feeling of the impending spring & summer months getting closer. Going to work & coming home in the dark is always a misserable time. But that is all but passed & we move on to spring.

This month in health-news I want to get a bit upbeat so will add a spring type recipe to freshen us all up. Those in other climates will no doubt enjoy it too.

But first lets get up beat with life itself...

**************************************************************** 2. Resolutions:

Many people after Christmas start the new year with resolutions. By and large they are often made up of restricting ones lifestyles in some way. Giving up smoking, giving up drinking, giving up eating and so on. I want you to consider a more positive way of achieving the same end result but by adding things to your lifestyles instead.

Lets first look at foods. Many people say they are going on a diet after christmas for two reasons.

One: they would like to look better throughout the whole year, especially for the summer months on the beach & early holidays abroad.

Two: they have allowed themselves to pig out a little over the christmas period with the promise of cutting back later.

So lets reverse the diet concept here at health-news so that instead of cutting back you add more & more delicous nutritious foods. Instead of going without you add more. you don't go hungry & you dont go without. The secret however is in the foods you do eat. The good health-news here is that you will naturally replace unhealthy foods without loss or pain and soon you will lose the pounds.

For main meals replace fatty foods & high carb foods with more nutritous options. Salads fish etc. If your peckish during the day make sure you have something nice available to eat. Fresh fruits replace the cakes. Nuts, seads & dried fruits replace the chocolate bars. Drink more water. Have one glass in between every other drink you have. I'm sure you have got the idea. One final thing. Add a little light exercise. Take the stairs instead of the lift etc

With a little bit of imagination I am sure you can see how this concept of adding positive aspects gradually replaces the negative in your life. You can do this for all the big resolutions mentioned above & other aspect to your life also. Let us know at health-news how it's going.

Why not do one more thing this year; Decide to do something that you have wanted to do for some time but keep putting it off. Start a business, see family abroad, start a hobby. No matter what it is decide to do it, tell a freind or loved one & begin with a plan. Plan how, when & where. Break down the steps into monthly actions & committ to the process.

Never say I will "try," that only allows you to fail. Say "I will" & state when, where & how. Then make the committment & take action.

Write to Up & Running Health News with your actions:


**************************************************************** Why not email me at health-News with your committment statement at: peter@cancer-gone.com

3. Recipe For Spring with Health-News: Mackerel/Fetta Cheese Salad; Baked Sweet Potato & Bolonaise sauce; Yoghurt & Fresh Fruit.Healthy Tea

Starter: Mackerel Or Fetta Cheese Salad This is a great salad for lunch or as a starter, you can alter the proportions to suit. Prepare the salad contents of: Apple, Lettuce, Celery, Radish, Yellow or orange pepper, Tomatoes, Olives. Mix with Flax seed oil & balsamic vinegar.

Lay the Mackerel to the side on the plate or tear into bite sized chunks & gently mix with the salad. Finally shave a couple of thin slices of hard cheese (Parmesan) across the top. In place of the mackerel Fetta chees in cubes can be added on top of the salad.

Note: Only use organic foods where posible.

I find that the kitchen devil slicer cuts the various contents of a salad thinner & somehow adds to the flavour.

Main Course: Baked Sweet Potato & Bolonaise Sauce This can also be used as a lunch time snack if the sauce is prepared in advance. Make the Bolonaise sauce using organic very low fat mince meat or Quorn meat substitue. A version can also be made with lentils & chick peas. Bake the sweet potato in the oven until soft. Cut the potato in half top with the sauce & add a shaving of parmesan cheese. Eat with a light side salad, as above.

Sweet Fresh Fruit & Yoghurt Try to obtain some fresh local fruit at least three variants. Cut into small chunks or slices & top with some plain yoghurt.

Drinks Have a light red wine with the meal or a light fruit juice. After the meal enjoy a Herbal Tea, Green Tea or Roobush Earl Grey. Why not relax sit back and read our health-news ezine.

Stop & Think, Feel, Sense, Breath & enjoy

Take plenty of time over your meals, converse, interact & don't watch TV. Enjoy!

**************************************************************** 4. Bacteria Freind or Foe:

Over the last few years we have been inundated with adverts selling the latest probiotic & prebiotic milk supplement product. The question we at health-news asked ourselves is, "are they really any good for us"?

Over the last decade or so a huge amount of research has taken place in this area & to date some 4000 bacteria have been identified by scientists. Some bacteria are beneficial to our health, others not so. It is estimated that anything between 500,000 & 5 Million types of bacteria are on this planet.

Although our lives have become more sterile with strong drugs & cleaner environments we still suffer many ailments. The interesting thing is that we suffer with ailments that were largely unheard of in years past. It is believed in many cases that this is possibly due to our immune system being defficient because of the lack of exposure in our early days to many bacteria. Babys drinking mothers milk are exposed to many bacteria that bottle fed babies are not. Research shows that breast fed babies suffer fewer allergies & other common childhood ailments.

It is common knowledge that anti biotics destroy the good flora in our gut & in many cases result in stomach problems such as IBS & Candida. We need certain bacteria to maintain a healthy gut & with modern diets & medications these are constantly under attack. The beneficial bacteria control & destroy harmful bacteria & so must be maintained.

In 2004 US research health-news showed a significant relationship between increased risk of breast cancer & high dosages of anti biotics.A number of herbs including cinnamon, nutmeg & garlic all have yeast-killing abilities. These natural herbs will often work in conjunction with beneficial bacteria.

The beneficial bacteria also produce nutrients for us. If they are not there our nutrient intake will be depleted.

A good supplement will have 10 billion live bacteria & will have the ability of transporting that bacteria through the upper intestine to the lower intestine where it can live & do it's work. The upper intestine is very acidic & without some degree of protection many bacteria will be killed before it gets to the lower intestine. Bacteria in milky substances such as yogurt is believed to provide some protection. Supplements in capsule form are also good but you must buy from a reputable source preferably backed with good research. (If you would like to know of a good source contact health-news, email me at Peter@cancer-gone.com)

Research has shown benefits to cancer prevention, also benefits with Autism,Asthma,Allergies,Immune System Defficiencies, Kidney Stones, High Cholesterol, Hypertension, Stomach Ulcers, Vaginosis & Cystitis.

We at health-news therefore believe a good Pro & Prebiotic supplement would be beneficial to your health & there is a lot of research to back it up.

**************************************************************** 5. Herbs / Garlic / Allium sativum / Da Suan

Garlic has been used within food & as a medicinal herb for some 5000 years. It was used by the Egyptians & Romans. Today Garlic has become a staple food ingredient in alomost every country across the world. In the digestive tract it is beleived to support the develoment of the natural flora while killing pathogenic organisms.

Garlic has a wide range of benefits throughout the body & is believed to have cancer preventive properties especially against cancers of the gastrointestinal tract. They have anti biotic, anti viral & anti fungal properties. Garlic is good for cardiovascular health, lowering cholesterol & protecting against free radicals.

1 Clove or one capsule is recomended daily for general wellbeing. One clove or one capsule three times a day for medicinal use.

For a list of good quality herbal supplementscontact me at health news, email peter@cancer-gone.com **************************************************************** 6. Health-News NEWS BULLETIN:

TOFU Can cut risk of Ovarian Cancer by 44%! A recent research study from the Northern California Cancer Center found that a intake of 10 gms of Tofu or other Soya based foods showed a 44 percent decrease in development of ovarian cancer. It is believed that the foods release high levels of Isoflavones which may prevent the build up of hormone oestrogen a known cause of ovarian cancers. A small tofu meal or soya drink would provide 3mg daily. Other lifestyle factors however cannot be discounted. Each year 6000 woman in the UK alone contract this silent but deadly disease. Lets spread some health-news and begin a prevention revolution.

Ref: Daily Mail 13th Jan 2007

**************************************************************** 7. Cabbage:

Lightly boiled or steamed until the leaves are soft these vegetables are very tasty. Cabbage has been recomended for treating a range of ailments including chest infections, skin complaints like acne & stomach ulcers. Dark green cabbage is high in iron & vitamin C which together aid absorption into the body. Cabbage is also high in Folic acid which is recomended for prevention of birth defects. Cabbage is said to contain two compounds called glucobrassicin & sinigrin which are believed to reduce the incidence of cancers such as lung, colon, breast & uterus. Good health-news for raw fooders, Cabbage can also be added raw to salads. (Ref Times April22 2006)

**************************************************************** 8. Spiritual Ramblings:

A recent TV program about the Findhorn foundation based in Scotland was most intrigueing. Some of you may have heard of the foundation. It is to my knowledge essentailly a commune which has been run on the belief of the existence of spirit. I remember reading a book over 25 years ago where the writer talked about growing natural foods without harmful insecticides in unison with & help from the garden spirits. The reader was adament about the existence of I guess fairies & such. Although it stretched ones imagination the book had a lot going for it & the basic beliefs were in my opinion quite sound.

I watched the TV program with interest & was intrigued to find that the commune had grown to a fairly sizeable group. They appeared to have got a lot of things right & were continuing to maintain their existence where others had failed. The most interesting thing was that the doors of Findhorn were open to people of many faiths & religions & these people were continuing to live in peace together while still maintaining their individual belief systems. Jews, Budhist & Christians alike living in harmony every day together.

It made me think that there is hope for us all. Some of us are already living lives closer to "God" in harmony with others. We may not want this exact style of existence for ourselves but there are many lessons to be learned by success stories such as Findhorn. Hopefully with Up & Running Health-News and the internet we can create our own successful communities.

Live a life of Love for all humanity, plant, animal & planet. Send that love out to all to share!

**************************************************************** 9. A Web Based Business - Health-News Guide:

For some time I have been building my web site & gradually moving my business to the world wide web. Many people ask about creating a web site either as a hobby or for a home based business. I personally have used the "Site Build It" web site & Business creation package which I can whole heartily recommend. The package is complete with all the training & guidance you would ever need. It enables you to concentrate on your subject, the purpose of your existence, instead of having to learn new technology & getting hung up on the foibles of computers.

The SBI process gets you to focus on your intent & tests that intent to ensure it is sound & that you're not wasting your time.

Lets say you are interested in Coral Reefs & your business & expertise is roofing. You may be drawn to creating a web site about coral reefs out of interest & passion but not necessarily look at roofing as an option because it's what you do & may be what you want to get away from. The SBI process gets you to evaluate the two ideas & from that evaluation you may find that you are more easily & quickly able to create a web site about roofing that will create income & a web based business than you could if you were to use coral reefs as the subject. This could then enable you to give up the physical act of roofing & live closer to a coral reef.You can then live your dream.

As an example take a look at Judd Burdons Web Site & see how this site on Tarmac Drives changed a life. Go to http://case-studies.sitesell.com/hcs.html

Alternatively the massive search facility & assessment mechanism that SBI has & as their customer you also have at your disposal, may have told you that their are a series of sub topics related to coral reefs which combined point to a web site that could not only be an interesting hobby site but one that brings in income too.

This same search facility will help you decide upon the best content & structure for your site. You then sit back & enjoy writing about what you love best, coral reefs or whatever it is for you. You can even create your own ezine just like Up & Running health-news.

Once you have a reasonable amount of content the SBI system submits your site to a host of search engines. You sit back & watch the visitors arrive. In short you have just opened your doors to the public at large. SBI helps you maximise the numbers of people visiting your site at no cost. You can go down the costly route of pay per click to speed things up but you do need to know what your doing before embarking down that path. It can eat up money fast. Stick with the SBI system & you will learn everything when the time is right.

For more details about the SBI system go to http://magic.sitesell.com/hcs.html

**************************************************************** 10. Gifts For You!:

This ebook "The 10 Comandments of Power Positioning" can be obtained by going to http://www.greatestnetworker.com/peter-spencer

This e book "Make Your Site Sell" is yours at no cost & no catches http://myss.sitesell.com/hcs.html

**************************************************************** 11. Network Marketing from Health-News:

Neways International were last year taken over by Golden Gate & as a result many people are anticipating a significant period of growth to the company over the coming years with greater emphasis being placed on Web based business building. Great News for us here at Health-News.

Neways International as many of you know was founded & run by the Mower family, their initial primary focus was to produce a range of products that were toxic & carcinogen free that also contained active ingredients. Great news for us at health-news. As a result we have enjoyed using products that actually worked. I have used these products myself both as a cancer preventative measure & general rejuvination of the skin for some 4 years. They are great for people who have skin conditions, irratable scalps & a host of other internal & external ailments. I will continue to use them for as long as they are available.

It is beleived that the changes to the company will enable people to build businesses more easily. Personally I believe that it is essentially down to the individual & the help that they get. If you are thinking about a home based business using the Network Marketing model then Neways is a great vehicle for achieving your goals.

I would also recommend one or two other resources to help you along the way....

Tim Sales is in my mind one of the most helpful guys around. He has some of the best, most straightforward training tools that can be had on the planet & it's all at a reasonable cost. He will show you how to greet, qualify & invite potential business partners without uneccessary fear, without cold calling, & without pestering freinds & relatives. This guy has the answers. to find out more go to: http://www.professionalinviter.com/awiz/aw.aspx?B=23&A=730&Task=Click&TargetURL=

If you would like to know more about the Neways Toxic & Carcinogen free product range or the business partnership program email me at pete@cancer-gone.com

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