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Issue: April 2007

From: Peter Spencer

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Up & Running Health News is the newsletter more people are enjoying to update & advise them on all aspects of health including Cancer Prevention. We talk about all areas of Universal living: Mind, Body, Spirit & Planet.



1. Chit Chat - Hello!

2. Cancer Prevention

3. Moving A Service Business On Line

4. Diet & Nutrition

5. Herb Of The Month - Pinapple

6. Perfect Beautiful Skin

7. Universal Being - Healthy Planet

8. Only The Best For Your Kids

9. Late Breaking Health News

10. Enrol A Freind.

11. Top Ten Links

**************************************************************** 1. Chit Chat: This year we have been renovating our Kitchen, it has taken a little while selecting & finding the items we required & then I set about installing it all. Everything has gone pretty smoothly with the exception of the odd wall that needed replastering. A significant amount of added time & a steep learning curve for me. The fitting of the kitchen units & doors however has been excellent until the last piece of work surface. The suppliers made it upside down. So we have re-ordered & are waiting. It's pretty frustrating.

What has this got to do with health news? Well it was this activity over a few periods of weeks that highlighted to me how unfit I had become over the last few years. I do a sedentary desk job & am fairly inactive.

Previously I have spent a number of years renovating a cottage in the Cotswolds & that kept me active for a good few years. Having finished that project it has been great to have more relaxation time, however as I'm no spring chicken the inactivity showed itself when I started some serious DIY again.

It's true when they say if you don't use it you lose it! In short I must make the effort to get some more exercise. My dad puts me to shame. He goes swimming every week, once or twice & does 25 lengths where I can only do a few. He is 87 this year I am 51. If that doesn't get me going what will. What will get you to move & shake a bit more?

My Sister came over from Canada this year to vist us all. That was nice. It's amazing as you get a little older how family becomes more important, especially when they are further afield. My niece had a son & called it Spencer after my dads family, that was great. Anyway enough rambling & on with the content of Up & Running Health News.

This month we have some really interseting info so please enjoy & Keep in touch.

Best wishes



**************************************************************** 2. Cancer Prevention:.

Spring Cleaning: is often carried out at this time of year & heavy duty cleaners are often put to work, but have you ever thought what they may be doing to your health. The chemicals within cleaning agents can enter the body through inhalation, & skin absorption. Many of these chemicals are toxic & some are carcinogenic.

It is important therefore to ensure that you use suitable protective clothing during use & keep all windows open to maximise ventilation. If you have small children or pets, clean when they are not at home. The fumes from such cleaning agents can be around for some time so it is advisable to keep yourself & your family away from recently cleaned surfaces.

There are a few cleaning materials available that are safer to use & do not contain significant toxins or carcinogens. It would be better to use these & be confident that you & your family are safe.

There have been a number articles in newspapers detailing many of the dangerous chemicals, most notably the Guardian in the UK. The Washington State University (Science Magazine) has also shown that, exposure of your parents or even grandparents to environmental toxins may be currently affecting your health. Let us not continue this activity & pass on a unhealthy legacy to our Children & Grandchildren. The earlier we begin to take action the better. For a list of safer product suppiers email me at peter@cancer-gone.com.

Breast Cancer Update: A research program involving some 1500 Chinese woman has demonstrated a significant relationship between breast cancer & those eating a higher meat & sweet western style diet. The traditional soy & veg diet proving to be healthier. The study also suggested that obesity combined with the western diet was a major factor. Latest data from the National Cancer Registry states that 1 in 12 woman in Ireland have a chance of contracting breast cancer during their lifetime. The incidence is projected to rise to 1 in 6 by 2020.

**************************************************************** FOUNDATION FOR CANCER PREVENTION:

We Need Your Help! Are you up to the challenge? I need two types of people to join me in my endevour to reverse the trend of cancer onset world wide. It’s a huge challenge but I believe it can be achieved! Today 1 in 3 people in the USA, UK & EU will contract a cancer in their lifetime. The trend is heading towards 1 in 2 as reported in many health news articles & studies around the world.. Other countries are similar or worse.

I need people who are either interested in preventing cancer for themselves, or people who are interested in educating others in cancer prevention methods. Together we can reverse the trend. If you are interested or know someone who might be send an email to:


I will send you full details of the program & how you can help. Thank You

A simple act of just sending this Up & Running Health News ezine to your freinds could make a difference.

**************************************************************** 3. Moving a Service Business On Line:

It is not always obvious how moving a service business online can assist in the growth of the business. It can however make a significant impact. Let's assume you have a hairdressing salon & have created a web site the simple way without high tech knowledge. Every customer who enters your salon is asked for three things, first name, last name, & email address. In addition it's worth taking a note of what they purchased. Confirm that they do not object to you emailing them from time to time with perhaps some special offers etc. After a short period all your customers have given you their email address.

You can now do some of the following: Email your customers with a special offer. The cost to you 30 minutes only. The email is free to send, you can mass mail it so you only write the email once & it's sent to all your customers. You dont need postage or printing. You can send a monthly newsletter & let them know what is new. You can sell a range of shampoos on your web site as an aside. (PS dont forget to use toxic & carcinogen free products) (On that subject if you own a hair salon you can help promote cancer prevention too). Your special offers can also be geared to increasing customer numbers. offer an existing customer & a freind a 50% discount only when they bring a freind. Send out email vouchers for freinds of the customer & give the discount to the customer when the voucher is redeemed. I think you are probably getting the picture. If you would like to see some examples take a look here: http://case-studies.sitesell.com/hcs.html These are very interesting & highlight some very suprising combinations.

**************************************************************** 4. Diet & Nutrition:

Aspartame & Cancer: A report in the European Journal Of Oncology states that rats fed on a diet of aspartame produced leukaemia & Lymphomas in some females & brain tumors in both sexes. Aspartame is included in 1000's of food products & the European food safety Authority has ordered an assessment as a matter of priority. To be safe read the labels & stear clear of aspartame. To be proactive write to the manufacturers & state your concerns. Tell them your not buying until it's out.

Sausages & Burgers May Cause Cancer The colouring Red 2G or E128 is added to some sausages & burger meats to disguise their poor quality. The colouring makes the meat look more pink & fresh. Since the 1980's this colouring has been suspected of being carcinogenic & now several decades later the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) states it cannot set a safe limit for use of the addative. It is expected to ban it's use within weeks, however food already on shelves is ulikely to be withdrawn.This health news is time related.

Recipe - Baked Seet Potato Clean the sweet potato but do not peal. Pierce the potatos & place on a baking tray with a small drop of water, place in the oven at gas mark 6. Clean & prepare salad vegatables of choice. Slice thinly with a mandalin (please watch your fingers).

For the meat either use fresh or tinned Mackerel. While poatatoes are cooking prepare the sweet. Clean some fresh blue berries, & a sweet apple. Cut blueberries in half & apple into small bite size chunks. Add semi dried apricots also cut into small chunks or slices. Just before serving add some plain yoghurt & a small sprinkle of muscovado sugar.

For the presentation, place the salad on a plate & grate a small amount of hard cheese over to garnish & into the potato's cavity when sliced. Arrange the plate & table to provide a succulent enticing meal. Drink a fresh Herb Tea to complement or finish.

**************************************************************** 5. Herb of The Month Pineapple (Ananas comosus): As a folk remedy Pineapple has been used to treat constipation, varicose veins & veneral disease. Bromelain the plants most active compound is extracted from & has been used to treat inflamation in arthritis & sprains or strains, and has also been used to treat blood clots & bruises, reducing angina, accelerating wound healing, alleviating upper respiratory conditions & calming indigestion. It can be obtained as a supplement. (Ref: Desk Ref - Natures Medicine)

**************************************************************** 6. Perfect Beutiful Skin: During the summer months dehydration is a constant concern. In more temperate countries like the UK we have not in the past been so aware of our depleted water levels & it's effect on our bodies. As our climate heats up we must consider how much water we drink. Water is important for maintaining beutiful skin. You should drink at least 2 Litres a day. If you drink tea or coffee have a glass of water after each caffeine drink. Remember Caffeine aids dehydration. For a supplier of high oxygenated water send me an email for details at peter@cancer-gone.com

**************************************************************** 7. Universal Being / Healthy Planets:

BioFuels Review: If bio mass developments can isolate carbon, either by enriching soil beneath plantations or by storing any CO2 produced in combustion they could become carbon negative. The increasing cost of Oil based fuels is making the production of energy from bio mass a more viable proposition. Bio mass is likely to benefit poorer countries which tend to be in tropical areas where plants grow quickly. Some bio mass projects do not however provide ecological benefits. Palm oil production in Indonesia is simply destroying forests that are not being replaced. Only companies making a one time profit will benefit. Bio Mass energy should be developed within the context of appropriate environmental policies & using approaches that are both sustainable & cost effective.

Plants are cheap to produce & will essentially make themselves. They use up carbon dioxide & turn the carbon into stable organic compounds. The suns energy is stored away for use when it is not shining & can be processed at some cost into hydro carbon fuels to run our transport systems. Governments that are worried about stability of fuel imports should seriously evaluate these options. Diversity makes sense.

Ethanol from sugar cane has powered Brazilian motor vehicles since the 1930's. Sugar cane is one of the most efficient plants for producing energy compared to corn crops & other alternatives.

At a time when Australias Sugar Cane production is falling foul of world market prices, it would make sense for the OZ governement to consider energy diversity & the security & ultimate cost savings that could be had if more of their cane was used for energy in the home market.

Brazilian sugar production can be increased to supply more of the worlds energy but will not be the only answer to the worlds energy problems. One concern is that expansion of cane production will increase deforestation, reducing bio diversity & release stored up carbon. Brazil however states that cane production can be increased without displacing other food crops or going anywhere near the rainforest.

Ethanol: Corn as a crop needs many inputs, fertalizers, pesticides, water, in addition photosynthesis does not produce as much sugar into the ears as one would like. Structural stalks & stover is produced & is made up of material such as cellulose. Cellulose is more difficult to break down.

Sugar cane is one of the few plants that produce easily transferable energy, however the limitation to it's environmental needs (tropical) limits it's viability.

Other methods of extracting energy from the cellulose are being researched, however as yet there are no commercially full capacity plants in operation. Many companies are ploughing millions into research of alternative fuels & as fuel prices remain high these options become more interesting. Governemnt subsidies & tax incentives could do more to power the process along.

Grass mixtures could be one of the most promising crops under the microscope. It could be grown without displacing existing food crops, on soils not normally suitable for general agriculture & has a wide temperate environment in which it could grow. Improvements in growing methods could also increase crop yields.

Butanol is preferred over ethanol by most refiners. Butanol picks up less water, is less corrosive & volatile than ethanol.

Thermochemical: During the second world war 90% of the Nazis diesel & aviation fuel was produced using the Fischer-Tropsch process which turns coal or natural gas into liqued fuel. This process is becoming more viable as oil prices rise & energy supply becomes more volatile. The drawback is environmental. The transformation process & burning of the resultant fuel releases almost twice as much carbon as does crude oil. Capturing carbon methods go some way to reducing the increase but they still would release more carbon than burning oil. Chinas plans for converting coal to liqued fuels do not currently include carbon capture, & as they are not bound by the Kyoto agreement is a concern to world environment stability.

Summary: All current alternatives rely on high oil prices to make them economically viable. This does not however consider environmental impacts. Governments could do more with tax incentives & instead of penalising car users with higher taxes & toll fees, they could provide easier access to bio fuels. Another area worth considering is home mechanisms that take the basic inputs (biomass etc) and convert them into useable energy. (Ref Nature Vol 444 Dec 2006 & Nature Vol 669 2006)

**************************************************************** 8. Advertisement:

Only The Best For Your Kids: Hair & Body Wash: A preservative free conditioning formula that leaves your baby's skin and hair clean & fresh. For more details email peter@cancer-gone.com

**************************************************************** 9. Late Breaking News:

Male Breast Reduction Operations: Operations on males to reduce breast size has increased, it is suggested that the increasing size of breasts for males is probably caused by increased levels of female hormones in fast foods & drinking water and oestregen mimics were also considered likely causes.

Flouridated Water: Harvard School of medicine have shown that floridated drinking water increases the risk of bone cancer in boys between ages 10 to 18.

Smoking & Muscle Loss: A UK study has shown that smoking increases amounts of myostatin within the body. Myostatin is a known muscle growth inhibitor. Continued use of cigarettes is likely to contribute to accelerated & increased frailty, loss of gait, balance & personal independance at an earlier age.

**************************************************************** 10. Enrol a Freind:

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http://myss.sitesell.com/hcs.html This will take you to a very comprehensive ebook that costs nothing. enjoy.

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