Goldenseal; (Hydrastis Cnadensis) Also known as; yellow root, eyeroot, wild tumeric, ground raspberry, Indian dye, Indian paint.

Location: Native to North east America. First introduced to Europeans by the Cherokee and Iroquois.

Known Uses:

Skin Problems

Eye wash, sore eyes




Stomach Upsets

Improves apatite

Cancer Treatment




Whooping cough

Pulmonary problems

Heart and liver troubles

Sore throat

Mouth wash

Infected gums

Mouth sores (Chewing of Root) Natural Antibiotic

The chemical Berberine found in this herb acts Against bacteria Staphylococcus and several intestinal parasites including Giardia and Tapeworms. It is toxic to some fungal cells and some types of cancer cells.

This herb benefits the circulatory system and heart.

Mix with Echinacea purpurea to boost immune system.

Note: This herb can be toxic in large doses and should not be used by pregnant woman, or where high blood pressure is a problem. Check with GP or Medical consultant prior to use.

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