The Fast & Detox

The Fast & Detox was originally told to me by my wife, it made logical sense so I tried it & it worked very well. My wife was told about the detox method by a Harley Street Doctor in London way back in the late sixties. It’s a simple process & its purpose is to get the nicotine out of the body fast.

I recommend adding this process to other techniques providing a more holistic & rounded approach.

The Process

Day 1 - Evening

Stop smoking as early as possible. Throw away all cigarettes. Take water to bed to drink

Day 2

Eat no food and drink no tea, coffee or other substance except: water & orange juice. Drink as much water & orange juice as possible throughout the day. The orange juice assists the detox expelling nicotine from the system fast.

Day 3

Try to go without food until lunch time & then only eat a light meal. Continue drinking only water & orange juice until lunch or preferably all day.

Take things easy, if you can stay at home enjoy a relaxing weekend. Find some things to do to occupy your mind but nothing too physical.

Sometimes fasting & detoxing can bring about feelings of dizziness & or nausea. Rest & take it easy until the feelings pass.

If you have any medical conditions it may be wise to check with your GP before you fast.

Different people experience different things, we are all individuals. When I used this method I was amazed at how desperate I was for food, it even covered up any desire I may have had for a cigarette. I kept it going until the Sunday lunch because I was a heavy smoker & felt I needed it. In addition that Sunday morning I felt great, healthier than I have felt in a long time. I subsequently had no cravings for nearly a week & only had to contend with the habit. At that time I did not know about Hypnosis & what it could do. If I had I would have used this method combined with Hypnosis as that would deal with physical cravings from the nicotine & various psychological dependencies such as the habit. See the Holistic Approach for more details.

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