The Cancer Prevention Guide ™

Introduction to Cancer Prevention Guide:

Today Cancer Prevention should be much easier to accomplish than it has ever been. The simple reason being is that we know more about the formation & growth of cancer cells and what causes cancers than we have ever done before. It follows therefore that to prevent cancer from our lives we simply eliminate the cause.

If this is indeed the case, then what is the problem?

There are several problems as to why cancer prevention is not as easy as it should be, some reasons are down to the driving forces behind cancer research & some are simply down to individual action. The Cancer Prevention Guide will address all these issues.

Modern living plays a big part in the causation of many cancers and changing our lifestyles to reduce our risk of contracting cancer is not always as simple as it sounds. Once we are informed however of the causes we can choose as individuals how far we wish to go in reducing our personal risk. It is our life & our choice.

This Guide has been produced to enable you to decide just that.

What changes are you prepared to make to your life in order to reduce your risk & ultimately live a longer healthier life?

The second problem with cancer prevention has been a willingness of the cancer research groups to either alter their goals or at the very least divert some funds & effort towards cancer prevention. Most have simply concentrated on finding a so called cure.

Many cancer research programs are largely funded by the large organizations who dictate the research activity, the primary goal of these organizations is to find a ‘cure’ in the form of a drug or drug program that can later be marketed for profit. The research groups often have very little say in considering cancer prevention.

Governments have put very little effort or funding into informing the population of cancer causes, prevention & healthier options of living. This has largely been left to the health magazines & newspapers.

Another problem that raises it’s head is that cancer itself has been shown to be caused by a combination of factors that come together some times in a haphazard fashion. When doing research it can be fairly easy to contribute a certain aspect of a person’s lifestyle, genetic make up, diet or almost any other aspect of life to the cancer. We must therefore tread very carefully and use a bit of common sense when reading some reports.

Sadly some reports are issued to muddy the waters & the publishers often have ulterior motives than to sensibly inform the public for their good health.

This guide has been designed to show you which actions you can take to reduce your risk of contracting cancer. The causes have been broken down into those which you have control over, those you have some control over, and those you have no control over.

We can however influence all areas given the will to take action.

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