First Steps To A CancerCure

1. Get A Friend & or support group to help with your cancercure strategy

2. Seek Knowledge

Read books by Bernie siegel & Louise Hay

3. Work with your Doctor & other medical professionals

4. Get a second opinion :

Seek advice from the most experienced surgeons & doctors in the field. Don’t make do with your local interns & consultants. If necessary go global. A cancer cure is possible.

5. Don’t be a good patient ask questions lots of them.

6. Insist on the most conservative surgery possible to give your body a fighting chance of a caner cure

7. Use the best from conventional & alternative therapies

8. Write A Plan

9. Free Your Mind

10. Have a body energy check

11. Start Light Exercise

12. Have a Parasite Virus Check

13. Clean Your System

14. High fibre, low fat diet

15. Consider Nutritional Cancer Treatment – WDDTY page 154

16. Boost Your Natural Defenses

17. Supplement to assist with a cancer cure

Vit A 10,000 IU, beta carotene 25,000 IU, Vit B complex 50 – 100mg, vit C 3 – 10g, vit E 600 – 800 mcg, selenium 100 – 200 mcg.

18. Get Real & Tough

19. Think

20. Be Positive

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