Breast Cancer Treatment

Breast cancer has many causative factors and as such will require a holistic breast cancer treatment protocol to ensure a successful outcome. The earlier the condition is detected the more successful the breast cancer treatment and often the less invasive the treatment that is necessary.

The type of treatment that is required will depend on the type of cancer detected and the level of spread. The level of spread is measured by the term staging.

Surgery; is the main course of treatment for breast cancer when a tumour is suspected of being malignant or the lump is considered to be aesthetically displeasing or a constant reminder and worry for the patient.

When caught early many surgical operations can be localised removing only the effected tissue until all traces are removed. These operations are called lumpectomies, partial mastectomies and usually include a biopsy of the lymph.

If cancerous cells are found in the lymph glands these will be removed and most probably will result in a full mastectomy being performed.

If cancer is found in the lymph, systemic breast cancer treatment usually follows.

Radiation; is often used prior to surgery to shrink the tumour and enable a more localised operation to take place. After surgery radiation is sometimes used to destroy traces of the cancer that may be left behind.

Radiation may be given externally and as an outpatient this involves attending hospital for about 5 days for two weeks. Radiation given internally involves an implant of radioactive material applied by injection. This involves several days in hospital and the removal of the radioactive material before leaving hospital.

The side effects of radiation include, fatigue and general tiredness, sores, irritation, red and itchy area. The skin may need special care.

Chemotherapy; is applied by intra-Venus drip (IV) or by pill. Chemotherapy is a drug combination and there are many combinations that are used differing for the types of cancer being treated. The drug is used to kill cancer cells around the body and so is usually used where cancer has progressed and is not localised.

Chemotherapy increases the risk of infection, bruising and bleeding and often results in hair loss which grows back but sometimes may have a different colour and or texture. The medication affects the stomach lining and may cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea and lip and mouth sores. In addition numbness or tingling in extremities, heart problems, ovary damage, infertility and can bring on early signs of menopause are other side effects of the treatment.

Alternative or Complementary; therapies to consider for breast cancer treatment which have shown benefit are acupuncture, massage, herbal, vitamin and mineral, diet and nutrition, meditation and visualisation, healing of various kinds, light and colour therapy, clinical hypnotherapy and NLP, and counselling.

When selecting complementary therapies for breast cancer treatment consider the positive and negative aspects of using the treatment, discuss with your consultant and most of all go by your intuition.

The emotional and stress related therapies for breast cancer treatment will not hinder conventional treatment protocols

The emotional and stress related therapies will not hinder conventional treatment for breast cancer and if started early may improve the outcome of standard treatment.

Clinical Hypnotherapy has been shown to improve pre and post operative surgical outcomes resulting in reduced time in hospital and time to heal. This treatment applied by a skilled therapist can include self hypnosis training, meditation, dynamic visualisation and mind body healing techniques which have shown dramatic benefits in treating many diseases including cancer.

Breast cancer treatment can also include some counselling combined with hypnotherapy, but most important of all is an evaluation of possible causes of trauma and stressful situations in the past which may have contributed to the formation of the disease. This may help in the prevention of a recurrence.

Some sources of information;Contact pete.hcs100@yahoo.com

Tamoxifen; is the most common hormone therapy for treating some types of breast cancer, it blocks natural hormones where a breast tumour requires them to grow. This drug is considered to be very successful in treating breast cancers but is not without some side effects. Side effects may include hot flashes, vaginal discharge and less common may include blood clots, stroke, uterine cancer and pulmonary embolus.

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