Breast Cancer Staging

Breast cancer staging assists doctors and consultants in evaluating the level of treatment to be given.

Breast cancer is categorised by stages 0 to IV.

Stage 0; Abnormal cell in gland lining, not necessarily a cancer cell. Increased risk for development of breast cancer.

Stage I; Early stage of breast cancer. Tumour less than 2cm and not spread.

Stage II; Spread to lymph nodes under arm or larger than 5cm tumour but not spread past breast site.

Stage III; This stage may be split into IIIA and IIIB. Advanced form Tumour greater than 5cm and spread to lymph nodes under arm, near the breastbone or other sites in the breast.

Stage IV; Severe spread to other organs of body

Stage I and II are often considered for partial mastectomy, radiation plus lymph node.

Stage II and IIIA are generally considered operable.

Stage IIIB and IV are considered inoperable

Breast cancer staging is very similar to the staging of other cancers and the principles are widely used.

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